01. February 2018 - 20:00
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Freshour Hurricane Harvey Post Wedding Shower | To be Determined | Thursday, 01. February 2018

As most of you know my aunt and uncle (Jerri and Robin Freshour) had their house flooded from the hurricane. It's going to take several months to get the house renovated, and they lost several of their things in the process. Aunt Jerri elected not to have a traditional wedding shower when she got married because her and Robin were older and established. However, now they are having to pretty much start over. In their honor, we would like to host a shower to help them start their new life together Post Hurricane Harvey. We are not sure when we will be able to host the shower because we want to wait until they are able to move back in their house. Tentatively, I put February as the date, but it could be sooner or later. Dear family and friends, please help me get the word out to all of their family and friends. I will post more info as to when and where the shower will be, and where they will be registered. Most likely the location will be in the Pennington, Groveton, Trinity, or Huntsville area.