12. November 2017 - 22:00
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A Choired Taste at Fauna | Fauna Ottawa | Sunday, 12. November 2017

A CHOIRED TASTE - a pub sing along for 2017!

We've replaced the fiddles and piano player with a DJ. We traded in the old folk songs for everything from Beyonce to The Beatles.
It's one part Karaoke, one part dance party and ALL parts 'let the good times roll.' Don't know the words to a song? No worries bruv, that stuff is already on the mini pocket computer you carry around with you everywhere, pull it out and sing along, WE WONT JUDGE!

You can expect a wide array of songs we'll be jamming too as our music tastes are as eclectic as there are fish in the sea. From Rihanna to The Rolling Stones, Migos to Madinna, John Denver to Disney we got you covered.

See you soon friends.

11pm start // No Cover