16. December 2017 - 18:00 till 21:00
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The Ceremonial Womb 26th Edition | LuminousDawn ceremonies | Saturday, 16. December 2017

The cermonial womb 26th edition

We gather in ceremony today to express our joy and grattitude for each other and in ourselves for all the hard work we have done this year. It has been a beautiful year of ceremony. Lots of growth and lessons learnt, all to gain back from the universe what is rightfully ours.
I want to invite you and your family to come and have a pot luck evening with us. We will share with each other and celebrate the beauty that is a ceremony.
Tonight the Ceremony will be read from a book...and not just any ordinary book. I will read from "The Book of Life" for each and everyone of you. This book will have all the answers to your life, past to present, even future (however the future can be changed based on your decisions) why things are the way they are. It will be a reading like none other. So if you would like to hear what your book of life has in store for you, please have 3 - 4 questions ready for me for when I go into ceremony to find the information for you.

As usual a donation of 20$ is requested for the exchange of energy but not necessary.
Please bring pillows and blankets for your comfort and water to drink. This is a pot luck event and i will post a list in the discussion for you to choose from so we don't have to many of the same thing.

As always looking forward to spending time with you and your loved ones. Blessings. <3
  • My friend April Tucker invited me and introduced me to this event! ❤️
  • We are hosting our neighborhood Christmas party this year. There in Spirit. 💖
  • ****PRIZES**** I will be Raffeling off two sets of 5 session packages with myself to begin this January 2018. Each set is a $500.00 value. How to get your name entered: 1) Mark yourself as going to this event. 2) Share this event publicly and feel free to tell people of your experiences here or if it's your first time sharing your anticipation is welcomed. Also Make sure you tag me (LuminousDawn Ceremonies) using the @ before LuminousDawn Ceremonies, so I can add your name to the ballot. 3) Bring a new friend and have them mark themselves as GOING to this event and tell them to tag YOU in the discussion part of this event, so I know it was you who brought them. They must come to this ceremony, for your ballot to get entered. 4)Bring a package of diapers to the ceremony. This will get you one last ballot in for a chance to win 5 sessions with me. Let the count down begin!