09. February 2018 - 18:00 till 22:00
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ACAC x ACAO Gala 2018 | Yangtze Dining Lounge | Friday, 09. February 2018

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Join us at the Yangtze Palace on Friday, February 9th at 6 PM for an extravagant semi-formal gala to help us celebrate the lunar new year! The year of the dog is coming. Who doesn't love dogs?! Sadly, there will be no actual dogs at the event :'(

We have two weeks to sell you guys tickets, so as a little extra incentive, ticket prices for ACAC will be as follows:

Jan 29 - Feb 2
$15 for members
$20 for non-members
$23 for non-members who want to purchase a membership (that's $7 off!)

Feb 5 - Feb 9
$20 for members
$25 for non-members
$28 for non-members who want to purchase a membership

Tickets for ACAO will be as follows:

$30 for members
$35 for non-members

Not a member? You should be! Memberships come with discounts to multiple locations like Dumping Bowl, My Sweet Tea, and more.

Tickets will be made available on both uOttawa and Carleton campuses. Tables will be rented so we can give you access to the best party of the year! (In our opinion) Keep an eye out for ACAO and ACAC execs in the coming weeks :)

Please note that all tickets must be paid with cash. We will provide change if needed.


ACAC - University Centre
Tues. Jan. 30th, 10am - 4pm (third floor)
Thurs. Feb. 2nd, 10am - 4pm (third floor)
Mon. Feb. 5th, 12pm - 6pm (third floor)
Wed. Feb. 7th, 10am - 4pm (fourth floor - tables on the upper level behind UC Starbucks)

Look for the tall ACAC banner! (It's brand new)

For ACAO, please sign up here:

Mon. Feb. 5th, 9 AM - 4PM

**Price discrepancies between clubs are due to differences in club funding

We hope to see you there!

Can't find us? Can't come at the right time? Message us ASAP and we can arrange to meet outside of tabling hours to sell you tickets.

Unfortunately, Yangtze Palace is not a physically accessible venue.
  • Tonight’s the night! We’re so excited to bring you a fun-filled evening while celebrating the lunar new year. Just a friendly reminder of the details: The event starts at 6pm (mad respect for those punctual people in the crowd). At 6:30pm, we let the games begin, shortly followed by the food. After that, there will be more games, more fun, and socializing (yay)! ACAC’s exec photographer Leslie will have a photo booth set up for picture taking. If you would rather not have your picture taken at all during the event, please kindly let her or any of the execs know. The event takes place at Yangtze Restaurant at 700 Somerset Street West. To get there from Carleton, Ravens simply need to take the 4 Rideau until you reach Bronson/Somerset, walk forward toward Somerset, turn left, and it should be down the street a bit on the left. Ottawa U Gee-Gees can walk to Laurier Avenue and catch either the 33, 44, 94, 236, or the 293 for three stops until you reach Albert/Bank. From there, take the 4 Carleton to Bronson/Somerset, walk forwards towards Somerset, turn right, and it should be down the street a bit on the left. If my directions suck, please feel free to use Google Maps for visuals (I know I did). Final reminder that we will NOT be selling tickets at the door. And that’s just about it! If you have any further questions or have not received your e-ticket in the email, please contact your university’s execs to get that sorted out. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets! We can’t wait to see you all there 🙂
  • ACAO-ers! Today is your last chance to buy tickets for the Gala! Please send us a FB message or email (uottawaacao@gmail.com) ASAP if you still want to purchase your ticket!
  • Hey all, A reminder that today is the LAST DAY to buy tickets for the Gala! We're at the back table beside UC Starbucks. Drop by, say hi, bring your friends! We'll be there till approx. 4pm. Hope to see you soon!
  • Hey ACAC-ers, our tabling location will be sliiiiiiiiightly different tomorrow. Instead of third floor UC, we'll be sat at a table in the UC tunnels (the upstairs ones). You know, where all those bake sales usually happen, right next to Azrieli and Tory. Tomorrow is the last day we'll be tabling, so get your tickets asap! Tomorrow not convenient for you? Send us an email at asiancanadiansac@gmail.com OR send us a Facebook message and we can arrange to sell you tickets at another time. But be warned, we will NOT be selling tickets at the door. See you tomorrow!
  • ACAO-ers! Our table is set up in UCU right in front of Foot Patrol. We'll be here until 4, so come find us for your Gala ticket! :D
  • ACAC-er we are selling tickets now till 4 pm! Also those who have paid for membership + ticket deal, we have your memberships so come on by! Tickets are now: $20 for members $25 for non-members $28 for non-members who want to purchase a membership
  • ACAO-ers! Unfortunately, we got things a bit mixed up and won't be tabling for today. However, we will be in UCU tomorrow (Feb 6)! Sorry for the inconvenience! 😔
  • Hey, folks! ACAC will start tabling at 12pm today in UC. We'll keep you posted.
  • ACAO-ers! We'll have a table in UCU on Monday Feb 5th (tomorrow) from 9 AM - 4 PM! Come find us to purchase your Gala tickets! 😊
  • Update for ACAC-ers: we are located at UC 3rd floor, we will be there till 4 pm!
  • Good news! ACAC was able to get a table on third floor UC for the time being. We're still setting up, but we'll see you there!
  • Hey ACAC-ers, there was a booking mishap and we weren't able to get a table for today, but we will try and settle somewhere you guys can find us and buy tickets :) We're aiming for noon. We'll post more info soon.
  • Hey! For those from uOttawa, please sign up here: bit.ly/ACAOgala
  • Hey! Catch ACAC on 3rd floor UC tomorrow from 10am - 4pm to snag a ticket at early bird prices!