10. January 2019 - 18:30
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Positive Parenting 101 | Family Paths Inc | Thursday, 10. January 2019

The Heart Center, in collaboration with Family Paths Alameda, Presents: 
Positive Parenting 101
with Chantal Myllymaki, MA, Ed. D (Candidate)
a 4-week series starting January 10, 2019  
****************DESCRIPTION********************Are you thinking about having children, already decorating out your baby room, or recently became a parent? Or are you looking for greater guidance in how to be a positive and loving parent, while also being effective in encouraging positive behavior?Come gain the skills and knowledge for positive and effective parenting in this exclusive, one-of-kind training for new and upcoming the course of 4 sessions, Chantal Myllymaki of Family Path will teach you: ·   To identify different stages of child development and understand the goals of misbehavior·   To identify your personal parenting style and learn positive parenting principles.·   How self-esteem and positive role modeling can impact your child’s development·   To apply positive communication and effective listening skills to your parenting styles
To accommodate students’ learning styles and reinforce the information introduced by the use  of handouts, background reading information, skill demonstration, small/large group discussions and interactive role plays.  
Participants will be encouraged to practice new skills through homework assignments to change their desired behaviors, and to reach their parenting goals.  A safe space will be created for the participants to explore new ideas, and questions. Brain energizers will be used to keep energy flowing so participants are alert and the information can be absorbed.
This workshop is designed for singles, couples, and spouses who are new parents, planning to have children, or thinking about having children.  Group size will be limited to 25 participants. We have one scholarship and two volunteer position open for those with financial need. If interested, apply today by sending an email to info@ Paths, Inc., Room 108
1727 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Oakland, California 94612
6:30 PM-8:30 PM on January 10, 17, 24 and 31 (Four Thursdays)
PRICINGEarly Bird $120 individual / $200 couple until Dec 1stRegular Sale $140 individual / $220 couple until Dec 21stFinal Sale $160 individual / $240 until training begins **************TRAINER BIO**************Chantal MyllymakiChantal Myllymaki has both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Clinical Psychology, and is a candidate for an Educational Doctorate Degree in Higher and Post-Secondary Education from Argosy University with a dissertation focused on raising awareness to the co-parenting issues of single African American Fathers. She has certifications as a National Fatherhood Practitioner, as a facilitator for the evidence-based Abriendo Puertas/Opening Door program, and through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program to conduct research.   She has served the Bayview Hunters Point and Alameda County communities for more than 30 years in counseling, and educating students from preschool to high school aged children; at-risk parents and families; court mandated parents, staff development; and training and coordinating interns, volunteers and respite childcare workers.
Ms. Myllymaki completed an internship at Family Paths in 1988, and returned as an employee in 2000.  For the past eighteen years at Family Paths she has supported children and families by incorporating the Strengthening Families Model, Protective Factors, and Trauma Informed Care as a Parent Education Instructor teaching parent education classes, as a Parent Support Counselor supervising on the parenting crisis hotline, as Respite Child Care Coordinator coordinating emergency respite child care services, and training respite childcare providers, and Volunteer Coordinator & Pre-Service Trainer recruiting & training volunteers and Master’s level interns in crisis hotline counseling skills.  
****************FULL SCHEDULE*************Day 1: Child Development & Goals of Misbehavior & Positive Behavior
Learning Objectives:
·        To present the concept of child development concentrating on Erik Erikson’s theory of
         personality development, focusing on the particular tasks of each developmental stage,
         and how the importance of attachment affects a child’s brain development.
·        To understand the importance of belonging and the relationship between children’s
         behavior and their attempt to belong in the family.
·        To assist parents in improving their relationship with their children
Day 2: Parenting Styles & the 10 principles of Effective ParentingLearning Objectives:
·        To identify and acknowledge the underlying roles of parents
·        To understand the basic concepts of respectful parenting techniques and the effects that
         different styles of parenting have on their child’s behavior.
Day 3: Self- esteem & the Importance of Positive Role Models
Learning Objectives:
·       To identify aspects of positive self-esteem
·       To apply techniques to promote a healthy self-esteem in children
Day 4: Effective Communication & Listening Skills
Learning Objectives:
·        To assist parents to understand how feelings are communicated through language and
     nonverbal behavior
·        To understand the negative impact of “Roadblocks”
·        To introduce the concepts of Reflective Listening & “I”-Messages
·       To help parents improve their relationship with their children by understanding their children’s
     behavior by identifying their children’s feelings.
****************ABOUT********************THE HEART CENTER The Heart Center is a Bay Area based organization offering public workshops, trainings and online resources designed to bring more love into the world. By strengthening heart qualities like empathy, compassion, kindness, gratitude and generosity, we can all become better at loving and in turn, better at living. Learn more at
Family Paths, Inc. (formerly Parental Stress Service) is a non-profit organization of mental health professionals and dedicated volunteers that provide a number of mental health and supportive services to low income, multi-stressed individuals and families. They are a multicultural agency committed to serving families of Alameda County regardless of age, ethnicity/race, financial status, language, sexual orientation, immigration status, class, religion, gender, mental or physical ability. Learn more at