24. February 2018 - 19:30
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AndyFest - Band Night in Memory of Andrew Evans | Owleywood Club | Saturday, 24. February 2018

For everyone that knew Andrew, they knew that he had an undying love for music... even if it did drive all of us a little mad sometimes - cue early hours YouTube sessions.

So, we felt the best way to commemorate him was to get a few people together and throw a sick band night.

Event location and date will be confirmed when we know how many people are game as well as knowing the best date for the bands availability. Initial feeling about the date was going to be 11th November - the Saturday after what would have been his birthday but that may be too short notice now so aiming for 2nd December. Location will most likely be The Owley Wood Club in Weaverham but if we have a greater demand, we may try and get somewhere bigger.

This event will be Live Streamed on Facebook! This is for a number of reasons:

1) So that people that maybe can't attend can have a little watch on Facebook

2) So that the event is recorded online and everyone can have a copy of it

3) So that we can publicise a Just Giving link so that anyone that maybe couldn't go can still donate to the cause if they so wish

Just to let you know, I have earmarked CALM - the Campaign Against Living Miserably as one charity to give the donation too as well as helping toward paying some of the extortionate funeral costs for the family. If anyone wants to know more about this or has any other ideas please just get in touch with Lee.

All in all; let's commemorate an absolutely fantastic lad in the best way possible - with Music and Alcohol! And contribute to a charity looking to stop this sort of thing happening in the future.
  • Hey everyone - just a quick one... just updated the event but that is not the certain date yet - just awaiting the Owley wood club to come back to me with dates that we can have most likely end of Feb/beginning of March. It won’t let me change the date to ‘TBC’ unfortunately. Lee
  • Good morning everyone; just a quick update. Well the start of 2018 has been absolutely mental for me as I am sure it has been for everyone.. start as you mean to go on I guess. Going to get a date actually nailed down though this week but just wanted to say that it isn't yet confirmed and the 27th Jan is not the date it is happening - it just won't let me change it to "TBC" unfortunately so, sorry about that. Also just want to take a moment to thank absolutely everyone that is helping or has offered help and is making all of this much easier for me and thank you to everyone so far for persevering with me - it's taking a lot more than I thought to get this sorted but get this sorted we will. I think about the big man every day and sorting this is the least I owe him. I will keep everyone as updated as possible! Have a good Monday! Lee x
  • Hi. Is this still on?
  • Hey everyone... Just a quick note to say that this isn't happening this weekend - I have been made aware that some people are getting notifications that it is this weekend - this is just because of the original date I set the event up under. This will still be happening but in the new year, most likely toward the end of January/beginning of February. Basically it seemed that Nov/Dec was too short notice/too close to Christmas so to give more time to organise and get everything sorted, we decided to move it to after the New Year. I hope that's ok for everyone! But yeah, it is absolutely still going ahead, I owe it to the big man at the very least. Hope everyone is good! Lee x
  • Good evening; just thought I would provide a bit of an update on where we are with stuff. So basically, I got in touch with The Owley Wood Club and unfortunately they had no availability for Saturday 2nd December. So, we looked at the 9th (following Saturday) instead which was available. Unfortunately, I have found that quite a few people are unavailable that Saturday and as this whole event is about bringing people together in Andy's memory, I don't think we should do the 9th, either. So, pushing the date further into the depths of December would inevitably mean it getting too close to Christmas and therefore clashing with people's work's Christmas parties and other family events. Because of Christmas, a lot of people are paid early in December meaning that January can feel like quite a long month (I know it usually does for me!) so I am now thinking of aiming the date for AndyFest toward the end of January/first weekend in February so that: 1) People have a lot more notice to attend 2) People aren't still skint after Christmas etc 3) We can get the bands booked and equipment sorted (I was starting to realise that Nov/Dec may have been a little too short notice.. but you live and you learn!) So the prospective date is now going to be Saturday 3rd February. I really hope that is ok for everyone; I want to maximise the number of people that can attend as that is what this is all about. If anyone has any questions please feel free to get in touch with me directly and I will try and help the best I can! Lee x
  • Do you need tickets for this event if so where do you get them from?
  • Absolutely overwhelmed by the numbers of people that have said "going" or "interested" - incredible. Thank you all so much. Now that I know the general level of interest, I am going to try and nail down the date exactly and therefore the venue so... Watch this space. Thank you again, Lee x
  • Hey everyone - this page is initially setup to try and gauge how many people would be interesting in going. The expected date is around 2nd December - originally we were aiming for 11th November but this may be too short notice now. Date is TBC though. Location is also TBC - if we have loads of interest we might find a bigger place but then this will affect date, too. If you are certain about going but want to confirm the date, hit "Interested". Thanks, Lee x