08. February 2018 - 18:00 till 19:15
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Sound Healing with David Yates | The Yoga Root | Thursday, 08. February 2018

Join David Yates of Breathwood on a deep journey inward. Let yourself be carried by the immense vibration and resonance of the didgeridoo, handpan, gongs, and more! David’s primary musical focus, the didgeridoo, is a powerful energy “broom,” a sweeper, clearer, and mover of energies, one that emerges from the heart of the earth and resonates with our bodies as well as our ears.


$10 in advance (see ticket link above)
$12 at the door

Returning students/members:
Use your pass or a drop in:
$18 in advance
$20 at the door


David Yates began delving into the mysterious sound and power of the didgeridoo 8 years ago when he took his first lesson from Shine Edgar. He quickly branched out into the realm of sound healing and sound journeys, weaving an assortment of powerful instruments into his repertoire, from the handpan to the native flute, the jaw harp to the gong. Then he realized, recently, that true sound “healing” isn’t always “pretty,” but instead mirrors the energies being moved or cleared in a person or a room of people. This realization opened the doorway into more profound offerings, a deeper connection to those he plays for.

What is Sound Healing?

I think it's important to mention my take on this because it's possible to form a wide range of opinions about what "healing" is, not to mention the idea of healing via sound!

I am not THE healer. I am actually much more like the didge itself - something hollow through which vibration can resonate. It is this vibration that can help others feel more fully whatever is already inside them, needing to move.

I play to the energy of a space. Sometimes this feels like playing against a brick wall until that wall shifts and opens. Sometimes it feels like playing into an ocean, where the currents and tide are constantly on the move. Sometimes my playing is "pulled" out of me, effortless, and sometimes it's really hard work. In all cases, I do my best to get out of my own way, leave my rational mind behind, and simply let the music do the work.

If someone gains a deeper sense of inward connection, I would call that healing. If someone relaxes a little more, I would say that's a door to deeper healing. If someone feels like the didgeridoo breaks up and moves some energy they are feeling, I'd say this is healing too! Each person's experience is unique!

Wherever we can find time and space to pause our busy lives, breathe, be with our bodies and spirits, feel into the energy of things, and let go for a while, I think that's where we begin to experience what healing can mean.