25. October 2018 - 5:00
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Our Third Annual Road Trip | Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario | Thursday, 25. October 2018

Ok, please read this entire post before responding!!!
We are going international next year!
Ontario has a law that rented homes can’t accommodate more than 10 people so we need to know who wants to go on this trip so we can arrange accommodations. If we have more than 10 we need to find 2 houses that are within walking distance. Because of this and other issues with crossing the border this trip will be more expensive. I am trying to keep it under $500 per person with food but it may be a bit more-just not sure yet. We will be staying for an extra day and plan on taking one day to see Niagra Falls- the activities there will be an extra expense out of pocket as well as the fact that we plan on eating out at least once- maybe twice.
You will also need a passport to cross the border.
I need to know who is Planning on coming- if you say yes you need to plan on paying for the accommodations by our January meeting-this could be up to $400. Again, I can’t really say how much right now. There will be no refunds so check the dates and be sure before you say yes!
Just some more minor rules, the trip is for active members of the club, so if you plan on coming on the trip plan on attending meetings regularly. Because of the situation with the accommodations you need to be willing to share a room and possibly a bed on this trip!!!