22. March 2018 - 17:51
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The Return of the Can-Am Niagara Meeting!!! | Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada | Thursday, 22. March 2018

We are thinking about bringing back the Canadian-American Daylily Meeting. Let us know if you would be interested in attending this fabulous, fun-filled Daylily Conference.

Please only say yes if you really do think you can make it.
  • This is going to be a GREAT Meeting!!
  • We sure had a lot of fun when we came to these meetings!! Who knows what 2018 will bring??
  • John, this would thrill me, if I could work it out. March 22 is my birthday, what a great gift I'd be giving myself. Will discuss this with hubby...Thank you so much for the invite....
  • Please spread the word to your Daylily Friends as Facebook limited me to 194 of my 650+ friends. Grrr.
  • I thought we said 2018??