16. December 2017 - 20:00
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Niagara Falls Honours Gordie Downie | Falls View Hose Brigade | Saturday, 16. December 2017

indie-rocks.ca and Falls View Hose Brigade present:
A night for Niagara Falls to come together to remember Gordie Downie. A celebration of music and his life.
Performing music from The Tragically Hip, Niagara's Premier Hip tribute band C&S UNION
Tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 1 at 6pm SHARP at the Falls View Hose Brigade located at 5786 Dunn St. in Niagara Falls! Only 250 tickets will be made available Dec 16th. Cash only. Don't miss out !! Limit of 4 per person!! Tickets are $10 each
At this time proceeds will be going towards The Tender Wishes Foundation and Downie Wenjack Fund
This is a 19+ show
Details are still coming in.

Due to HIGH demand a 2nd night has been added (run by The Hose Brigade) will take place on Dec. 15th. We are also able to get tickets to you for this event.
Note: indie-rocks.ca is only hosting Dec 16th.
  • If anyone is interested i have 2 tickets for the Saturday show sadly cannot make it 20 for the pair. Call me at 905 931 8056
  • Alright so for those inquiring about the Friday show (the 15th) and wanting tickets we NEED to get this in order as of now. This week is going to be super busy as we prepare and set things up. Meetings will have to take place between the hours of 9am-2:30pm over the next couple of days only (Mon, Tues and Wed) Serious inquiries only please. Our time is VERY limited.
  • I am interested in 2 tickets for Friday. Can pick up today or tomorrow...
  • Taking numbers: How many are looking to get tickets from us for the Dec 15th show? We need to get these out ASAP. $10 each
  • Are both nights sold out? Any tickets available?
  • https://downiewenjack.store-08.com/
  • I don't live in Niagara but would love to attend. With tickets not being sold online I'm stuck lol. Any chance I can buy some off of anyone??
  • Here is the link to the Dec 15th show for those inquiring. ALL ticket sales are NOW through this event. We no longer have tickets on hand but the Hose Brigade has a link to where you can pick them up.
  • With the second show now added, I'm still hopeful to be able to attend! It's my birthday weekend and I was going to get tickets but they aren't sold online and I don't live in Niagara 😞 anyone know how I can get tickets for the 15th show??
  • Still looking for 2 tickets....its my bday weekend...so either show
  • If you stop in tickets for Dec 15th will be available between the hours of 8pm-midnight
  • Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for DEC 15th (the added show) let us know ASAP. We have times and dates in the Niagara Falls area where you can pick them up.
  • How can I get tickets for the Gordie Downie tribute on December 15th?
  • We are interested in what you like to drink. Brand of beer?
  • Due to the high demand I have been given some tickets for a 2nd show for the Gordie Downie tribute taking place Dec 15th.Tickets need to move fast and efficiently. I will not be holding any back for anyone. First come first serve and that's it! I will be at The Capitol Q on Queen St Niagara Falls, Mon 8pm-12am,& Wed 9pm-1am and then at Boston Pizza Dorchester Thursday 9pm-1am if anyone wants to meet me at any of those places.
  • We would like to have some raffles. If anyone is interested in donations we would be honored to accept. All money raised from these will be donated between The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund and Tender Wishes.
  • All tickets have now been spoken for/sold. If anyone changes their mind we will post right away. So at this time we are SOLD OUT! Thank you very much. Can't wait to see you there!
  • Michelle Whiteside want to go?
  • Via Christie Hails: Tonight I will have the following tickets on me: 1: Leigh Macinnis Trippin for Daze 2: The Mahones with The Maysides, Foolproof & More at Warehouse 3: Niagara Falls Honours Gordie Downie 4: Briän Swäyzē Stag n Doe 5: Whiskey Rose Tributes - Whitesnake You can meet me at Capitol Q down on Queen St TONIGHT at 9pm
  • I went into the studio around the time they announced that Gordie was sick. I read once that this was his favourite Hip song. So I tracked it acoustic in the evening outside. You can hear the birds joining in. Enjoy!