03. May 2018 - 10:00
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Solo Womens' Campers 2018 Convoy | Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve | Thursday, 03. May 2018

Destinations to be confirmed. Let's put our heads together and create an itinerary. Northern New South Wales has many beautiful destinations both coastal and inland. Perhaps Nth NSW this time and we could choose a new destination every few months. Let's put our collective knowledge and love of travel together and enjoy not on the journey but the destination together! Join our group! I’m collating email addresses so send me a pm if you would like to be included in the choice of where we go and when. I’ll send out periodical updates on progress and to seek feedback.

  • So is this being superseded by the event in Mullumbimby or is this still happening as well? and can I clarify is it a convoy as in we are travelling somewhere or a camp as in we are all meeting there and having fun?
  • Waterfall Way?
  • Is the Brunswick Nature Reserve where we are meeting up for the tagalong?
  • Are these dates firm? Trying to sort out my travelling calendar LOL
  • Oops wrong south wales!
  • Just a reminder about our survey ladies- Belongil fields clear winner at the moment. Chance to have your say about where we stay in May (omg Im a poet) and other little curious questions I made up
  • I’m going to email out a survey asking questions around preference locality/ facilities etc so if you would like some input into our first camp meet up (and future ones) please do pm me your email address if you haven’t already. If you have ideas for camp grounds or extra curricular activities please pm those as well to be included in the survey. We can customise our own event exactly the way we want it! **
  • Yes please I'm keen email katscy333@gmail.com Thankyou 😃
  • Tweed Vally would be beautiful to explore forgotten lazy little laid back towns full of artisans great food and markets ..
  • I think with over 250 interested women, and it is still months away, we will definitely be looking at a camp ground with a very large capacity. Whats everyones thoughts on Belongil Fields
  • I have a Sharon Gallus on my list with no email attached- anyone?
  • Good Morning ladies. I’ve received about 50 email addresses, thank you. I will endeavour to collate all info over the weekend and send out an email outlining the 3 most popular and practical camp grounds for such a large group of intrepid female campers and seek your feedback before the final decision on venue is confirmed. If you haven’t sent me your email and you would like to have input on where we land on the May Day Weekend 2018, please feel free to pm me your email address. I’m juggling my job, family commitments and avoiding procrastinating on packing for my trip in over just 2 weeks for my Uk trip ( eeeek where did the time go?) If you are travelling over the next few months and would like to meet up with women on the road - add a comment with where you are going and when to the photo album album, (black and white photo of two women, fancy graphic art one day when I have time):), comment with where you are going and when look for the Meetups in our photos. Maybe you would just like to offer a cup of tea or to meet for a wine with travellers passing through. Perhaps you have some spare land for campers to park on for a day(week?) or two. Hopefully this system can become an easy way to connect with fellow travellers. Happiness and wonder shared is doubled or something like thatxx
  • I have put a poll up in our group ladies- have your say on which venue you prefer https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoloWomenCampers/
  • this is a group I set up to organise meet ups a while ago ladies https://www.facebook.com/groups/147034479212477/?ref=br_tf
  • I've started emailing campsites enquiring after availability and capacity- its shaping up to be a huge group! There are wild camp options but Im thinking for our first camp we should try for somewhere with at least showers and a loo. Please post your requirements around facilities but only if you really think you will make the trip. It may end up being in the hinterland so as to be able to accomodate so many. Most rural areas in nth nsw are still an easy drive to shops and beachs. It is one of my most favourite regions in Australia. This is shaping up to be an amazing event!
  • I will start gathering options and posting, please add your ideas. These are only a drop in the ocean of what and where is possible. Suggestion: meet in Brunswick heads and spend 2 nights and the move on to next area dog friendly: http://www.northcoastholidayparks.com.au/park/info/ferry-reserve no dogs: https://www.northcoastholidayparks.com.au/park/accomodation/terrace-reserve/camping Near Nimbin: https://www.facebook.com/Nightcap4x4/ Near Uki: http://www.mtwarningrainforestpark.com/ The Channon: https://www.visitnsw.com/destinations/north-coast/lismore-area/lismore/accommodation/the-channon-village-campground Mullumbimby: http://mlclub.com.au/?page_id=163 Byron: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g528934-d1772076-Reviews-North_Coast_Holiday_Parks_Clarkes_Beach-Byron_Bay_Byron_Shire_New_South_Wales.html
  • I live up near Brunswick Heads. I have two dogs. The only caravan park that takes dogs in Bruns is Ferry Reserve Caravan Park and only takes dogs outside of school hols. And you most certainly need to book. I would love to join.
  • I have 2 small dogs so if its a dog friendly place that would be good but i am happy to camp somewhere nearby and catch up Looks like a lot of dog friendly beaches in the area too. I'm a strong maybe
  • Mayday weekend sounds like a better option? May 3-7 or such like
  • What about May Day long weekend or there abouts? Was just thinking the Comm Games will be on in April and the M1 will be horrendous
  • Oh and it is Easter then. Will that be ok?
  • Brunswick Heads is a nice spot and easy to get to. What’s the privacy on the event? Should be closed to our group 🏕