08. February 2018 - 18:30 till 21:00
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Rescheduled to Feb 8: BizDev Workshop - Nanaimo | SOUP Cowork | Thursday, 08. February 2018

On deck FEB 8:

★ Danielle Farrant, Blushing Bluebird Essentials (aka BluebirdPads)
★ Mei Duncan, Vancouver Island Market
★ Put your business "on deck" this winter/spring - just fill in the form at

Descriptions, "asks," and "givebacks" below.

Show up at 6:30pm for informal networking. Bring business cards, brochures, etc.

At 7pm we will workshop the 2 businesses "on deck," 45 minutes each. They give a 3 minute summary of their business, including opportunities, challenges, what they can give to the roundtable, what they need help with. We respond with 42 minutes of questions, feedback, and help. We also have a template that asks about customer/client acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue (Pirate Metrics, see below).

Our seating is limited. The $50 fee is a placeholder fee to secure intention and cover basic costs. LIFT members (LIFT VIPs) get ticket fees refunded when you show up. If you don't show up, your funds are donated to the Young Entrepreneur FUND (YEF) at LIFT. No exceptions.

If you are a LIFT VIP and you think there is someone who needs to be here, and who isn't, please use the free Buddy Pass and make them your guest. Guests may take advantage of the Buddy Pass for two workshops before paying full price (or becoming a LIFT member. I encourage using the LIFT team channel at Slack.com as the place for conversations related to this and other LIFT activities. Access to the this "hustle the help" Slack team is a LIFT member privilege. If you are ready to upgrade your business to LIFT VIP benefits, please call me at 250-792-1408 or leave a message here.

We will draw on Boris Mann's workshop using the Pirate Metrics model. For more on AARRR metrics, see ...


★ Danielle Farrant, Blushing Bluebird Essentials​

• Description
Did you know that by using this one product, Canadians add roughly this (see slide 1) volume of waste to landfills each year?

Disposable menstrual products are the landfill equivalent of a plastic bag.

What we put in the landfill 50 years ago, today and 50 years from now… will still be there in 500 years.

Women need to know they have a better option. (Return to Slide 1)

Good Evening, fellow entrepreneurs. My name is Danielle, and I am the Co-Founder & Creator of Bluebird Pads. Thank you for this opportunity to pitch my business to you.

I’m here today to ask for your assistance. I believe cloth pads can go mainstream. It’s a matter of product marketing. Women need to know that Bluebird Pads are a fantastic alternative.

My goal is to create a fun and unique marketing campaign to reach every woman in Canada and then around the globe. I need a marketing strategy!

Bluebird Pads are made from all organic cotton + waterproof barrier.

They function the same as a commercial pad or liner, but instead of throwing it into the garbage, throw it in the washing machine & dryer!

Bluebird Pads come in a range of sizes, are thin, absorbent and … seriously comfortable. I have some samples I’d love to show you!

The cloth concept is certainly not new. What we are offering is a modern version, produced locally with the best fabrics available for ultimate comfort, fit and durability.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to chat with countless women for two days straight about our products.

Know what I learned? Selling our product to women of all ages is actually pretty easy.

We are tired of the chemicals, garbage and irritation caused by our products. We are ready for a change and and eager to hear about other options.

So my question is this: Plastic, or Organic Cloth - which would you choose?

• Ask
My main challenge is education. In order to convert, there is a huge "education" factor and with that, a high cost to acquire the customer. What are some ways we can alleviate concerns (overcome taboos) and educate my customers in a cost effective way? What are your most immediate concerns when you think of making the switch from disposable to reusable (the women especially can speak to this!)​

• Giveback
I am able to give back 15% off website purchases for those who attend - to use themselves or give to a friend!​

• Online

★ Mei Duncan, Vancouve Island Market
(information coming soon!)

This series of roundtable business development workshops is hosted by me (hpm), and the LIFT Solution Sponsors as part of this business and community economic development initiative.

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