22. October 2017 - 15:00 till 17:00
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Keto Mixer & Info Session Nanaimo October 22 2017 | Beban Park Community Centre | Sunday, 22. October 2017

Hello Nanaimo!! Come join us for a conversation about:

What are ketones and why are they important? What is Ketosis? What the current research says about ketones. How ketones can improve mental clarity and focus, increase energy, reduce carb cravings and inflammation, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

This conversation will be lead by:

*Sarah Lovely, who is one of the top leaders in Canada and has has a background in health coaching and personal training, community-based marketing and has personal experiences with auto immune diseases.

*Robin Younge, who brings a wealth of expertise with Keto//OS, the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting, a performance athelete and has personal experiences with mental health.

And ... a shout out from Cheri, Jodi and Lauren about their experiences with Ketones.

We will have all the Keto//OS flavours and some keto friendly snacks to sample! We will also have some pretty fun door prizes!! Bring your curiosity and leave your wallets at home!

Note: This is a public event. Please feel free to invite your loved ones, your friends and your friends of friends!

For more information, contact
Cheri McBride: 604-366-9328
Lauren Smith: 604-761-1446