16. November 2019 - 10:30 till 13:30
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Eat Right for your Body Type with Ayurveda | TriAcupuncture | Saturday, 16. November 2019

Learn how to nourish your unique body type using Ayurvedic wisdom to become your own best healer.
Karuna Jaiswal, an Ayurvedic Doctor and nutrition expert, will teach you how to form a well balanced diet to optimise your nutrition and digestion, minismise cravings and reduce bloating. The approach will show you how to use food, spices and traditional cooking methods to balance your body.
The workshop will include:

How to create a balanced diet that reduces cravings
What are the body types (or Ayurvedic doshas)
How to determine your own body type
How to eat for your body type
How to use spices to balance your body and optimise your digestion
Cooking demonstration of four simple and tasty recipes

This practical workshop will give you the skills to use food and spices as medicine. To help you incorporate this into your lifestyle we will give you practical take-aways and samples to start you on your journey. You will receive:

A quiz to determine your body type (Ayurvedic dosha)
4 recipes cards to re-create the Ayurvedic meals at home
Herbal tea samples to balance your body
Holy Basil tea: an adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory herb
Ayurvedic-approved spice mix to improve your cooking
Discount vouchers for an individualised Ayurvedic consultation

This is the FIRST Ayurvedic Nutrition workshop in Murray Bridge. If there is enough interest in this workshop we will run a series of workshops covering more in depth topics including: optimal digestion, balancing hormones, cooking methods and more.