01. January 2018 - 9:00
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Social Justice Days 2018 - Call for Proposals | QPIRG | GRIP McGill | Monday, 01. January 2018

Social Justice Days 2018 - Callout for Proposals

QPIRG-McGill is looking for workshop, discussions, panels and film screening proposals for Social Justice Days 2018!!

Deadline for proposals: Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at midnight

Social Justice Days will be happening February 2018! Intended to stimulate an alternative political culture in the McGill University community and beyond, Social Justice Days is a weekend of workshops, discussions, film screenings, and speakers discussing local and global issues. Social Justice Days testifies to the diversity of critical political engagement on McGill campus, and offers students concrete opportunities to get active in their global community. Social Justice Days is organized by the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill.

This is an open callout to individuals, working groups, campus groups and community groups to propose the workshops, art exhibitions, discussions, films screening and panels for Social Justice Days year, we are thinking about things like:
• Islamophobia in Quebec & Canada
• Histories of indigenous resistance in Quebec
• Prison abolitionism & transformative justice
• Gendered violence within activist communities
• Harm reduction approaches/practices
and any other suggestions you have! We'd love your proposals for skill shares, workshops, film screenings, and any other ways you like to share knowledge and build community.

Some example of past workshops, films screening, etc:
• Accessibility as Collective Care, Inaccessibility as Collective Harm
• Right Time, Right Place: Black ***** ***, Love, and Life in the Age of AIDS
• Who can afford to heal? A critical look at self-care and capitalism
• Victims of the State: Police Violence & Non-Status Youth in Montreal

If you or your group are interested in submitting a proposal we ask that you send us the following information:
• The title of your workshop, film screening, etc.
• A description workshop, film screening, etc., including length of presentation
• A short (2-3 sentences) biography of the individuals or group presenting the workshop, film screening, etc.

We will be giving out stipends for all the workshops, films screening, discussions or panels that are selected. We will reach out to selected groups for availability when the dates of the event have been finalized.

Deadline: Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at midnight

Feel free to contact us for more information! Please note that we are closed between December 15th and January 7th.