06. December 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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ProductTank MTL #26 - NeuroTech | Maison Notman House | Thursday, 06. December 2018

The emergence of neurotechnology creates a profound opportunity to advance human well being and surpass cognitive limitations that were previously taken for granted. Decades of research have converged with social and economic forces to push neuroscience to the forefront of healthcare, business, and technology. For product builders, the rise of neurotech presents a unique set of challenges spanning hardware, software and data analysis. In this edition of Product Tank MTL, we'll hear from leading practitioners in the space who are pushing the boundaries of this nascent but fast growing industry.===============OUR SPEAKERS===============1. Jacob Flood - Founder and CEO of MindsetMindset is a biosensing company for human performance. The company's first product is a set of high end headphones that use EEG data to help workers improve their concentration and productivity. Before founding Mindset, Jacob studied engineering at McGill, launched the tutoring business Jflood.ca and authored Study Smart: an optimized approach to student study habits. Jacob's talk will focus on the intersection of hardware, neurotech, and the future of consumer health.2. Emil Hewage - Co-Founder and CEO of Cambredge Bio-Augmentation SystemsCBAS is a leading neural engineering startup creating the open standard hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and machines. Before founding CBAS, Emil undertook PhD research in computational neuroscience and machine learning at the University of Cambridge, where he helped pioneer the use of artificial intelligence for interpreting neural data. He began working in startups at age 17 and has held engineering and leadership roles across a range of industries from clean energy to advanced medical technologies. Emil's talk will focus on the engineering challenges associated with building an open standard neural interface and the products and applications that this platform will speakers to be announced soon!==============EVENT DETAILS==============

6:00pm: Doors open

6:30pm: Individual presentations

7:00pm: Announcements + Break

7:30pm: Panel + Q&A

8:00pm: Networking

As with all Product Tank MTL events, this session is free and open to the public. Come early to get a good seat!