MEUS Assassins: Cold Killings | Materials Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill | Wednesday, 07. February 2018

MEUS Assassins is back for another round of icy cold MURDER*!!!❄️🔪❄️🔪❄️

Register for the game by Tuesday, February 6th at 5:00 pm using this form:

Come pay your 2$ participation fee and pick up your targets from 7:30 am - 1:30 pm on Wednesday February 5th in the Materials Common Room in the Wong Building

The game begins at 1:30 pm on Wednesday February 7th and finishes at 5:00 pm on March 2nd.

GOOD LUCK! May the craftiest assassin win!

*Actual murder will not be tolerated by McGill nor the Quebec Government. Please refrain from doing anything illegal, we highly discourage you from killing your colleagues.

1. Everyone in the game will be assigned a fellow classmate as a target. The name of their target will be written on the clothespin.

2. To '****' someone, one must clip the clothespin onto their target's clothes securely.

3. Once someone is pinned they are eliminated and their target goes to their assassin.

4. For an additional $2, players can purchase access to the "Immunity Zone." This allows players to stay safe from any attacks as long as they are inside the Materials Common Room!

5. The winning assassin will be the last one alive!


1. Please don't ****/harm your friends. This is basically an assassin-themed game of tag...

2. A target is not allowed to be killed 5 minutes before or after class, meetings, labs and MEUS volunteering.

3. Do not **** in the bathrooms

4. You must be invited into someone`s apartment to **** them there.

5. Special items may be awarded at anytime during the game so keep an eye out!

6. Members who have purchased "Immunity" cannot be killed in the Materials Common Room. Immunity can be purchased at anytime for $2.


+You have to wait at least 5 mins after MEUS Volunteering/Intramural games to score a ****

+The clothespin has to be on your target for at least 3 seconds! (You better be sneaky🔪🐁)

+If you score a ****, PM me the details and Khalis will post an eulogy for the poor soul ☹️

+The winner will be the last assassin standing!

+A special prize will be given to the assassin with the most number of kills!

Good luck everyone! May the sneakiest assassin win!