11. January 2018 - 16:00 till 18:00

Loyola Congress on Internships! | Hive Café Solidarity Co-op Loyola | Thursday, 11. January 2018

This is a call-out to all student association executives!

We invite you to come to a congress meeting at the Loyola Hive to discuss the students internships currently in place in our respective departments and what we can do, collectively to improve them so that students are not taken advantage of. As student association executives, it is our responsibility to represent students to the best of our abilities! A large majority of the student body voted in the CSU elections that they support both paid internships and the standardization of internship programs at Concordia; now it’s time for us to work to make this happen. Currently, there is no standardized method of evaluating internships. While some Concordia departments provide lots of support, ensuring that students gain valuable learning experience, other departments leave students to fend for themselves. There are even some departments that have mandatory internship requirements that the internship must be unpaid. This is senseless and puts students in an unfair position where even if they found a paying internship, they would not be allowed to take it and be credited. We believe that students deserve to be paid for their work and that each department should provide support to its students. The Congress on Internships will take place at 4 PM at the Loyola Hive on Thursday, January 11th. Food will be served.

There is also a similar event at the Downtown Hive on January 16th at 7pm, if that location and time works better for you, you can find the link to that event here :

Please RSVP by December 22nd!