11. January 2019 - 12:00 till 12:10
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Light Meditation | Montréal | Friday, 11. January 2019

Open meditation for all on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 10 minutes - Facebook Live event.
"Light meditation / meditation Lumiere" was created after a reflection on the current state of the world:
Humanity is going through a crisis and the suffering is high everywhere on the planet. We have lost touch with ourselves, our connection with life on the planet, and our role in the universe. Science and spirituality tell us that we are made of stars’ dust, that we are children of the universe, and beings of light. So, let’s come together across time and space to raise consciousness and help humanity find its Oneness. At this crucial moment in history, let’s all vibrate on the frequency of wisdom, consciousness and love.

We humbly proposed a Live International Meditation practice for 3 months (December 10, 2018 to March 15, 2019) to contribute the way we can. We come from a Zen background and other spiritual practices and propose a 10 minute-meditation 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday (please check the time on the facebook page, and like us!). At the end of the meditation, we will chant Kwan Seum Bosal mantra (see explanation of the mantra in the "event" section of the FB page).
You do not need any experience in meditation. Just be present in silence for 10 minutes with your heart open to humanity and the planet. Follow your breath ...and smile. Join us wherever you are geographically and physically. We want to reach as many people as possible to become one strong vibration of wisdom.
As you know, many organisations and spiritual groups are working on raising the level of consciousness on the planet.  This is our contribution, direct link among all of us through the Indra's net.  Let's do it together!
So far, we are from Canada, France, USA, Norway and Sweden.  Join us and tell us where you are from.
Viviane Casimir, Ph.D.
Myoku, A Way if Life for Mind, Body & Spirit