10. February 2018 - 13:00 till 17:00
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Iraqi Music and Folkloric History Lecture with Sara Al-Hadithi | Centre de Loisirs communautaires Lajeunesse | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Traduction francais à venir très bientôt.

Iraqi Music and Folkloric History Lecture with Sara Al-Hadithi

We are so fortunate to have Sara visit us all the way from California and for her to share her extensive knowledge about Iraqi folklore and music.

This will be a lecture only and a foundation workshop for those interested in Iraqi dance. This is a great opportunity for anybody interested in Iraqi folklore, culture and dance to have a Q&A with Sara.

Description: Sara will cover the 4 main folkloric styles coming out of modern-day Iraq as well as the evolution of the Kawliya in Iraqi pop culture. There will be handouts and video clips, as well as discussion of a music playlist.
Sara will also discuss traditional tattooing.

Please bring any necessary note-taking items such as a pen and paper or tablet.
The conference will be held in english but translation will be available.

A little about Sara:
Sara Al-Hadithi is a multi-faceted artist who draws upon her training in music, dance and theatre to teach and inspire students from all backgrounds. A native of Iraq, Sara is the daughter of renowned ethnomusicologist and folklorist Dr. Sadi Al-Hadithi. From childhood, Sara was surrounded by many of Iraq’s luminaries in the fields of the arts, music and folklore, who also tutored her in several aspects of traditional Iraqi folkloric arts. Sara has also had formal training in the Bedouin folkloric traditions that are part of her lineage, including Bedouin language and poetry traditions. More recently, Sara has furthered her training in Middle Eastern music and theory with Dr. Ali Racy at UCLA. Additionally, she has consulted with noted costuming expert Reem Al-Mutwali about costume stylization for both Iraqi and Gulf Arab dance styles.
Over the past several years, Sara has dedicated her focus to sharing her knowledge of Iraqi dance, music, and culture with others. In addition to her in-person classes and lectures, Sara has launched online platforms to facilitate ongoing learning and exchange. Along with her dance partner, she co-founded the Court of Morjana website, covering various aspects of Iraqi folkloric arts. She also manages the Facebook group The Art of Iraqi Dance to foster discussion on Iraqi performing arts. Sara’s goal as both artist and performer is to share accurate information and promote responsible and respectful portrayals of Iraqi culture in the dance community and beyond.

Fee: $40 (includes tea and light snacks)

Please contact us at sanaadance@gmail.com
Reserve your spot via paypal or bank transfer at the same address.