29. August 2019 - 19:30 till 23:30
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An intimate evening with John Jacob Magistery | Turbo Haüs | Thursday, 29. August 2019

For the first time ever, JJM will be performing their album 'PHANTOM i / Are You Too Sensitive?' in it's entirety from front to back. They will be joined by many of the guest musicians recorded on the album as well as some additional friends. It will be an intimate show with limited capacity.

Pour la première fois, JJM interprétera son album "PHANTOM i / Are You Too Sensitive?" live. Ils seront rejoints par les nombreux musiciens enregistrés sur l'album ainsi que d'autres amis. Ce sera un spectacle intime avec une capacité limitée.


Lately I’ve been hiding out, writing and producing - making demos and experimenting with different sounds - while also working on some minimalist singer/songwriter stuff. Getting back to my roots. So there’s new stuff coming out soon on both ends of the spectrum. I think it’s my best work yet and I’m excited to leave the old stuff behind. Coincidentally in the midst of all this moving on and reinventing myself I was approached by MusiqMTL about doing a show where JJM would play ‘Phantom i / Are You Too Sensitive?’ in it’s entirety. Gotta admit that didn’t feel it was the time and I wasn’t too keen on doing it at first, BUT after thinking on it a bit I realized that we rarely played a lot of the songs on that record in our live shows, let alone have we ever played all the songs in one show and in succession (the way they are on the record). So, I thought why not? We’ll have some special invites and musical guests, some who’ve played on the record and some new friends too. Come out and celebrate our first record the way you’re used to hearing it, and mark the move on into the next chapter.