16. October 2017 - 20:00 till 23:30
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Fuzztown Messer Chups Black Flamingos Men in gray suits | Divan Orange | Monday, 16. October 2017

Messer Chups Surf band from Russia !!
Messer Chups
with :
The Men In Gray Suits
Black Flamingos

Yes,it's a Monday,but door will be at 7.30 pm
First band start at 8.30pm sharp !! ending before 11.45 pm.

more details coming soon !
20$ at doors.
tickets will be on line in august.
Get your tickets here :
  • It's next monday, friends! Vous avez votre billet? :D https://lepointdevente.com/billets/messerchups
  • Black Flamingos! Seen here on the Surfer Joe stage in Italy :) You better not miss their (first?) show in Montreal! <3
  • In 2 weeks now ! Messer Chups for the first time in Montréal !! A great night of Surf Music with Black Flamingos and The Men In Gray Suits ! Plus this show will be filmed by Privet Bonjour Hello !! Come and join THE PARTY !!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q8Zvc0t2M4
  • :D
  • Ils auront un nouvel album fraîchement "pressé" pour la tournée! Come and get it! :) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155600935354774&id=44040319773
  • Thanks God...Messer chups is coming to Montréal...Big waves are there...gonna get splash right in the ****...#1 surf band worldwide... So original..totally real...awesome music...finally. Thanks Messer chups 😎
  • Our circuits are over heating thinking about this show! 010010101010101010010101001011010101010101001101010010101010101010101010010101010101010100100101011010
  • Billets en vente ici : https://lepointdevente.com/billets/messerchups
  • Il reste tu des billets? Si oui..ou on les achete? Merci!
  • Poster !!
  • holy ****!! ma toune avec des bruit de poule lol
  • ya tu un site pour acheter les billets sur le net
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXIQkfpum8I
  • MESSER CHUPS a MTL, j'y crois pas!!!! On va etre probablement en europe sti! Quel manque de timing😭
  • Wow Messer Chups ici !!