26. November 2017 - 18:00
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Frozen Land 2017-2018 | Sami Hajjar's Christmas Display | Sunday, 26. November 2017

This year, the theme of my display is Frozen.
To give you an idea of how BIG my display is going to be, I will be putting over 100 000 lights, compared to last year's Minion Land where I put 15 000. I also have a bunch of new decorations this year such as RGB lights, RGB spotlights, new inflatables and more. The most exciting part of Frozen Land is the fact that everything will be synchronized to music. It will be synchronized to 3 songs and it's going to play 5 times a day at the following hours: 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM and 9PM. The show will be up and running on November 26. I'm really looking forward to November 26.

P.S.: Unfortunately, I won't be decorating for Halloween this year. I need to put all my effort and time for this year's Christmas display since it's going to be 4 times bigger than last years.
  • I went last sunday! Thank you so much for putting a smile on my ****. It was magical 😍💥💖
  • Thank you so much!!!!!!
  • J aimerai savoir si il va avoir un autre spectacle ce soir ou si le dernier etait a 9h svp!
  • You really captured the magic of Christmas. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.
  • Merci de transmettre la magie et bonheur de noël ! Il serait intéressant si vous pourriez ramasser des fonds et denrées non périssables en même temps pour une œuvre de charité! Je suis sûre que les gens seraient plus que partants !
  • Ashley Kearney
  • Merci de partager cette féerie de Noël avec petits, grands et vieux grand parents. Tous ont été comblés. Grâce à vos efforts vous avez su transmettre ce qu'il y a de plus important dans la vie; la joie de conserver son coeur d'enfant.
  • Jessica Gogan
  • Veronica Santaguida
  • ☃️Merci Sami d’avoir mis tant d’effort à faire vivre la magie des fêtes en créant ce magnifique spectacle. Nos enfants avaient les yeux brillants de joie et de plaisir à voir votre maison s’illuminer de la sorte. ❄️
  • Thanks for the show!! My son was jumping up & down for the entire first song 😁
  • Wow! Absolutely fantastic! Great job!
  • Thank you mr Hajjar. The family and I went to frozen Land tonight and the kids we’re amazed by everything you did. Merry Christmas to you and all your family
  • Wonderful house!
  • Nice show. Thank you for all your efforts.
  • I went today at 7, waited until 7:30 and there was no song. Doesn’t it play as of 5pm?
  • My mom, sister and I would like to thank you for this experience! It was absolutely breathe taking and magical, it brought a smile to our faces and many others in the crowd. It is definitely a must see for the holidays!
  • Someone lost a child's boot at frozen land tonight. If this boot is yours please send me a PM.
  • I would like to drive by but I’m nervous because I’ll be with my newborn in the car. Is there a lot of traffic to get through? I don’t want to be stuck.
  • Bonjours! 🙂 Les lumières seront elles allumer ce soir (9 décembre) ? Merci!
  • Bravo M Hajjar, c'est magnifique et quoi dire de voir le visage heureux de tout les enfants
  • Kristina Taraborelli Laurie Tedd
  • Joey Dilalla Gabriella Criniti you guys need to go!
  • Wowwww
  • How does it work? If i bring kids tomorrow does it play over amd over from 5-10?