Cocoa & Cacao: Winter Recruitment | Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) | Monday, 08. January 2018

⭕️ Wanna have a legit reason to immerse in chocolate❓
⭕️ Wanna join the yummiest club and work with shameless foodies❓
⭕️ Wanna be part of the ONE & ONLY chocolate club in McGill❓



🍫VP Communications🍫
♨️Liaison between restaurants and C&C
♨️Checking and responding to emails sent to C&C's email.
♨️Keeping the flow of all communications within C&C execs.

🍫VP Finance🍫
♨️Oversee and coordinate funding for the programming activities and events of the club
♨️Ensure the funding and financial stability of the club
♨️Keep track of all financial transactions and receipts in order to prepare the biyearly audits for SSMU

♨️Create website for Cocoa & Cacao SSMU using WordPress

🍫VP Sponsorship🍫
♨️Contact potential sponsors about events (food, location,decorations, etc)
♨️Get the best pricing possible, report it to C&C execs and organize pick up of products

♨️Take gorgeous photos to commemorate events, edit and then upload them to C&C social media

🍫Event Coordinator🍫
♨️Book rooms for events
♨️Communicate with execs in charge of the various aspects of an event to ensure everyone is on task


💌Fill in the form and reward yourself with chocolate at:

📅INTERVIEW TIME: Jan 26 7-9 pm Jan 27 3-5 pm

⭕️ if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us Facebook message or email at ! ❤️