06. June 2018 - 10:00
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Canadian Grand Prix Trip 2018 | Montreal, Quebec | Wednesday, 06. June 2018

  • OK fans, the accommodation is booked and paid for. Attending for sure, is Matt, Kieran, Kyle and Mel. If anyone else on the fence is going to confirm, please let me know. Kieran is researching tickets, and we will want to purchase those soon, and obviously prefer to get them as a group.
  • The 2018 F1 schedule is out, and it confirms that June 10th is race day. It's time to get serious and make some real plans.
  • Would you wanna drive there or fly? Be really cool to drive across the country
  • This would be so sweet
  • That would be unreal. Haven't been to a race in a while and Montreal is a stellar city for it. I will be working till the middle of June though. Bummer.
  • By then I'll have two kids with birthdays in that window of time, so I would probably catch a hellacious beatdown from the missus.
  • The dates of the Canadian Grand Prix in 2018 haven't been announced yet, but it certainly be around the beginning of June.