09. February 2018 - 23:00 till 23:59
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Call for Proposals - Our Home on Native Land Conference | McGill University | Friday, 09. February 2018

***Version française ci-dessous / French version below***

It all comes back to the land. Our stories, our rights, Indigeneity in itself. For Indigenous people, land connections are vital, complicated and numerous. We are interested to hear how land has affected many aspects of Indigenous lives, the various ways Indigenous people view land, and how all of this has changed over time.

The McGill Indigenous Student Alliance and SSMU Indigenous Affairs are looking for self-identified Indigenous individuals to present at our March 24th student-run conference:
Our Home on Native Land: Exploring Indigenous Land Connections Past, Present, and Future.

Presentations can include but are not limited to: individual papers/research, panel sessions, roundtables, workshops, film screenings, spoken word and poetry, short stories, musical performances; anything speaking to the topic of land as being foundational to Indigenous existence, knowledge, sovereignty, or identity.

Individual presentations may be short presentations (5-10 minutes) or lengthier (30+ minutes). As part of the conference, we are also looking for vendors to display their work. Please indicate if you are submitting a proposal or request to be a vendor.

Please provide the following information to be a presenter:
- Indicate which of the above formats you intend to present in
- Your current address, telephone number, and email address
- A very short bio
- A description of your proposed presentation and a working title
(approx. 250 words)
- Briefly describe how your proposed presentation relates to the
conference theme.

Submission Deadline: February 9th, 2018
Submit proposal to:
Successful applicants will be notified by late February, 2018
Conference date: March 24th, 2018

Questions: message us on facebook or email:

***Event page for actual conference coming at a later date***
Information on the conference itself:
This will be the third annual one-day academic conference conceived of and organized by Indigenous students at McGill University. The objective of this event is to present knowledge in its many forms contributed entirely by self-identified Indigenous students, scholars, as well as community and organization leaders. We want create a platform within the academy for Indigenous research and perspectives to be shared, and for attendees to learn from knowledge holders that they may be accessible to them.

This conference will be made possible by support from the First Peoples’ House, MISC, Indigenous Studies, SSMU, and Cousins, an Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program.


Le comité-organisateur, composé de membres du Indigenous Student Alliance(ISA) et du SSMU Indigenous Affairs de McGill, est à la recherche de personnes s’identifiant en tant qu’autochtone intéressées à présenter leurs projets de recherche, à participer à une table ronde, à diriger un atelier, à projeter un film, à partager de la poésie, des histoires courtes ou à offrir une performance, le tout dans l’optique d’explorer les sujets connexes aux territoires comme fondement vital des connaissances et identités autochtones.

Les présentations individuelles peuvent être de courte durée (5-10 minutes) ou plus longues (30 minutes et plus). Nous sommes aussi à la recherche de vendeur.ses désirant présenter leur travail lors de la conférence.

S’il-vous-plaît, envoyez-nous les informations suivantes:
- Le format de votre présentation
- Votre adresse, numéro de téléphone et adresse courriel
- Une très courte biographie
- Une description de votre présentation proposée et un titre (environ
250 mots)
- Une brève description qui explique comment votre présentation est
liée avec le thème de la conférence

Date limite des propositions: Vendredi 9 février, 2018
Soumettre votre proposition à:
Pour les candidates retenues: Les candidates retenues seront notifiées en fin février.
Date de conference: 24 Mars, 2018

Questions: n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par courriel à