26. September 2018 - 8:00

5th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation | Montreal, Quebec | Wednesday, 26. September 2018

Theme: “Rendering the possibilities with Computer Graphics & Animation techniques”
Computer Graphics & Animation 2018 is pleased to invites scientists, researchers, educators, professionals, practitioners, animators, graphic designers, software developers, artists, head of departments, professors, heads of innovation, brand managers, start-ups and innovators, tech providers, venture capitalists and students with their innovative ideas and creativity. The conference is organized with the theme "Rendering the possibilities with Computer Graphics & Animation techniques" which comprised of 16 Sessions/Tracks designed to offer widespread knowledge that addresses the current issues and innovations in the field of Graphics & Animation world. This will be high-level tech conference which includes thinking brands, market leaders, CG evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Computer Graphics & Animation and the impacts within the Academic, Enterprise & Consumer sectors.

New Track added in sessions (04):
• GPU Technology
• Artificial Intelligence in Computer Graphics
• Gamification and Social Game Mechanics
• 3D Web Technology

Selected and refereed papers will be published in the Springer “Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games (ECGG)”
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Conference Highlights
Computer Graphics
Computer Animation
Animation Industry
GPU Technology
Game Design & Development
Gamification and Social Game Mechanics
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Applications
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Imaging and Image Processing
3D Printing
Human-Computer Interaction
3D Web Technology

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  • Honorable Keynote Speaker: Jos Stam, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Autodesk Research, Canada Explore your research at 5th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation which going to be held on 26-27, Sept 2018 in Montreal, Canada. #Adobe #Scientist #CG #Keynote #ComputerGraphics2018 #ComputerGraphics #animation #simulation #modeling #redering #CGI #research #VR #Game https://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/speaker/2018/jos-stam-senior-principal-research-scientist-autodesk-research-canada
  • Good afternoon, I'm from Brazil, and my son is in Berlin for the Computer Grafics Animation 2017 congress. Today when it arrived where it should have happened, they had transferred to a nearby town and we were not warned ... a huge inconvenience. we did not count on it and today he spent 40 euros of taxi to get there ... I want you to commit to take him back to the hotel in berlin and that tomorrow will pick up and take you back to the hotel too ... we are brazilians but not we're idiots .... I want a phone number now. Alessandra Vasconcellos
  • Keynote: 3D Shape Matching for Object Modelling =========================================== Dr. Yonghuai Liu, Senior Lecturer, Aberystwyth University, UK Yonghuai Liu is a senior lecturer at Aberystwyth University since 2011. He started in September 2001 as a lecturer at the same university and obtained his first PhD degree in 1998 from Northwestern Polytechnical University, P.R. China and second PhD degree in 2001 from The University of Hull, United Kingdom. From April to September 1999, he worked as a research assistant at The University of Hull. From March 2000 to September 2001, he worked as a research fellow at Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently associate editor for the international journals: Pattern Recognition Letters and Neurocomputing, an editorial board member for American Journal of Educational Research, the international journal of ISRN Computer Science, ISRN Artificial Intelligence and Journal of Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics, and a guest editor for a number of international journals. He has been serving as programme committee member and referee for more than 70 international conferences and journals. He has published more than 160 papers in leading international conference proceedings and journals. #computergraphics #animation #imageprocessing #computervision #3Dimaging #intelligentsystems #robust #motion #keynote #graphics #virtualreality
  • Keynote: The role of similarity in the study of fractured artifacts in Cultural Heritage =========================================== Professor Michela Spagnuolo, Research Director, CNR-IMATI-GE, Italy Michela Spagnuolo is Research Director at CNR-IMATI-GE, where she has been working since 11/07/2001. Her research interest include geometric and semantic modelling of 3D objects, approaches based on computational topologycomputational topology for the analysis of shapes, method for the evaluation of similarity at the structural and semantic level. On these research topics, she has co-supervised 6 PhD thesis (plus two ongoing) and several Laurea/Master degree thesis. She authored more than 130 reviewed papers in scientific journals and international conferences, is associate editor of international journals in Computer Graphics (currently, The Visual Computer and Computers & Graphics). She actively works as chair of conferences and workshops, and she is member of the steering committee of Shape Modeling International and of the EG Workshops on 3D Object Retrieval. In 2014, she was nominated Fellow of the Eurographics Association. Since 2005, she is responsible of the research unit of the CNR-IMATI identified as ICT.P10.009 Advanced techniques for the analysis and synthesis of 3D shapes; since 2007, she is also responsible of the research unit identified as INT.P02.008 / Modelling and analysis, tools of high-performance computing and grid computing for data and applications in bioinformatics, Interdept. Project on Bioinformatics (now within the CNR Flagship Project Interomics). She has been working as scientific responsible fof several international and national projects. #computergraphics #modelling #3Dmodelling #animation #graphics #rendering #simulation #keynote #germany
  • Keynote: The future of media =========================================== Susan Johnston-President, Select Services Films, Inc., USA 2016 – AI Award, Influential Businesswoman/Best Woman Owned TV Production Company, Los Angeles Award – Best Video Production Services, 2014- Women’s History - Dedicated Servant of Global Change Susan Johnston is President of Select Services Films, Inc. an award winning production company which is also certified DBE, has a casting division and New Media Film Festival division. As a kid, Susan was on the set of the 1st Great Gatsby where she met Robert Redford while her father was handling the antique cars. From there, she worked on every production she could garnering experience in every department of filmmaking. Her first film a 35mm color film noir short Room 32 which won two awards, received distribution and was requested by Spiderman 3 for their production team. #computergraphics #animation #film #keynote #media #NewMediaFF #virtualreality #germany #computervioion #industry
  • Upcoming "4th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation" New Added Track on: 3D Web Technology ================================= Web3D was at first the thought to completely show and explore Web destinations utilizing 3D. By expansion, the term now alludes to all intuitive 3D content which are inserted into pages html, and that we can see through a web program. Present day Web3D pages are usually controlled by #WebGL. 3D web substance can be costly regarding computational power. Previously, 3D content in a program would be rendered by the CPU and couldn't profit by your PC's devoted design handling unit (GPU). Besides, if the substance was stacked into a site instead of created on the client's #CPU, surfaces, networks, movement information, and sound would back off load times, making the experience not exactly ideal. Advances are Flash Stage3d, Unity3d and Unreal Engine and so forth. 3D #illustrations on the web have made some amazing progress. There are many contending advances out there, all battling to be the lord of the 3D web. It can turn out to be exceptionally hard to pick one from the changing instruments and document designs for your venture. Despite everything it stays to be seen which one, assuming any, get to be institutionalized. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/3d-web-technology
  • Upcoming "4th International Conference and Expo on Computer Graphics & Animation" New Added Track on: Gamification and Social Game Mechanics ================================= #Gamification: The utilization of diversion mechanics and prizes to energize conduct change in a non-amusement setting. While this definition gives a satisfactory review of gamification, it doesn't give much understanding into how it truly functions. One valuable method for comprehension gamification is to separate it into: Game Mechanics, Reputation Mechanics and Social Mechanics. Social Game Mechanics are a notoriety enhancer. In isolation, notoriety is just a curiosity; you feel great when the framework names you as a shrewd individual yet you're most likely not going to care all that profoundly. When the framework recognizes user as a brilliant individual and shares their data with a thousand other individuals, all of a sudden the notoriety is a great deal more noteworthy. Social mechanics are any elements that empower or empower perceivability amongst players and include: Activity streams, Leader sheets, Teams, Status identifications, Followers and warnings, sharing and prescribing in #games. Social mechanics give the way to share notoriety and empower client to-client connection. The more obvious notoriety is the all the more rousing it gets to be. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/gamification-and-social-game-mechanics
  • Keynote presentations at Computer Graphics & Animation 2016, Las Vegas.
  • Computer Graphics ================================================ It’s a graphical pattern of an image or objects which created by using specific software and hardware. #Computergraphics is field where physical body, data and imagination will develop or created. Computer graphics helps to understanding of physical nature, geometry, displaying image, motion, animation of object and provide user design interface platform. Computer graphics used in motion picture or movies, #videogames, animation, advertising and graphic design. This track will provide to the programming software you’ll be using, basic tools of the trade, from algorithms to color perception and texture mapping, graphics hardware, social agents in computer graphics, #GPU design and other interactive computer graphics techniques. #computergraphcis #art #graphicdesign #digitalart #illustration #3d #2d #cg #zbrush http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/computer-graphics
  • Computer Animation ================================================ The art or process of making movies with drawings, computer graphics or photographs of static objects, including all techniques other than the continuous filming of live-action images. It is the creation of the “illusion of movement” using a series of still images. This track covers the following subtopics: Traditional animation, Stop motion animation, Character animation, Special effects animation, Physics-based Animation and Behavioural Animation. #3dmodel #animation #stopmotion #3danimation #2danimation #3dsmax #photoshop #zbrush #digital http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/computer-animation
  • Animation Industry ================================================ Though most people think of #animation as being used primarily for entertainment in movies, TV shows, and video games, it has many other uses. It's commonly used in educational videos and advertisements both on TV and on the Internet, and it can also be used in the process of research and development to create simulations of how a machine or process would work. Scientists use digital animation as well to create visualizations of abstract concepts or objects that are too small or large to be seen easily, which is helpful both for research and for analysis. #industry #anime #design #animatedfilm #business #shortflim http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/animation-industry
  • Modeling ================================================ #Modeling is the representation of an object or phenomena, which is used by simulation. Models may be mathematical, physical, or logical representations of a system, entity, phenomenon, or process. Models are, in turn, used by simulation to predict a future state. It is a discipline for developing a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. #3dmodel #3ddesign #digitalmodeling #zbrush #animationmodeling http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/modeling
  • Simulation ================================================ #Simulations are abstractions of reality. It is defined as the process of creating a model of an existing or proposed system (e.g., a project, a business, a mine, a watershed, a forest, the organs in your body) in order to identify and understand those factors which control the system to predict the future behavior of the system. Simulation is a powerful and important tool because it provides a way in which alternative designs, plans and policies can be evaluated without having to experiment on a real system, which may be prohibitively costly, time-consuming, or simply impractical to do. The future of innovation is #simulation. Whereas before, we would sit amongst ourselves, decide how the world might work and test our ideas in the market, now we can test them in a virtual environment built by real world data at much lower levels of cost and risk. Modeling and simulation is a leading way that companies are reducing their development time while maintaining or increasing the quality of their products. This approach helps engineers explore design alternatives quickly without the need for as much prototype hardware. #cg #3dsimulation #digitalsimulation #art #3dmodel
  • Imaging and Image Processing ================================================ #Imageprocessing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in which input is image, like video frame or photograph and output may be image or characteristics associated with that image. Visual information is the most important type of information perceived, processed and interpreted by the human brain. One third of the cortical area of the human brain is dedicated to visual information processing. Digital image processing, as a computer-based technology, carries out automatic processing, manipulation and interpretation of such visual information, and it plays an increasingly important role in many aspects of our daily life, as well as in a wide variety of disciplines and fields in science and technology, with applications such as #television, photography, robotics, remote sensing, medical diagnosis and industrial inspection. #imaging #cg #medicalimaging #digitalimage http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/imaging-and-image-processing
  • Game Design and Development ================================================ #Gaming is evolving from the traditional in-home console based platforms to digital titles being played on mobile devices and connected consoles. Mobile gaming in its various flavours is the fastest growth segment of digital gaming. #Gamedesign is the art of applying design and aesthetics to create a game to facilitate interaction between players for playful, healthful, educational, or simulation purposes. Game design can be applied both to games and, increasingly, to other interactions, particularly virtual ones. Video games are a $30 billion industry in the U.S., especially as more people play games on their mobile phones, according to Reuters. Game designers are an important part of a comprehensive team of designers and developers that coordinate the complex task of creating a new video game. #videogames #digitalgaming #gamedesigner #mobilegaming #indiegames #webgaming #gamers #gameart #gamedevelopment http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/game-design-and-development
  • Computer Graphics Applications ================================================ Computational biology. Computational physics. Computer-aided design. Computer simulation. Digital art. Education. Graphic design. Infographics. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/computer-graphics-applications
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ================================================ #Computer_vision (image understanding) is a discipline that studies how to reconstruct, interpret and understand a 3D scene from its #2D_images in terms of the properties of the structures present in the scene. The ultimate goal of computer vision is to model, replicate, and more importantly exceed human vision using computer software and hardware at different levels. It needs knowledge in #computer_science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physiology, biology, and cognitive science. Computer vision is the construction of explicit, meaningful descriptions of #physical objects from their images. The output of computer vision is a description or an interpretation or some quantitative measurements of the structures in the #3D scene. Image processing and image recognition are among many techniques computer vision employs to achieve its goals. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/computer-vision-and-pattern-recognition
  • Rendering ================================================ #Rendering refers to the process of building output files from computer animations. When an animation renders, the animation program takes the various components, variables, and actions in an animated scene and builds the final viewable result. A render can be an individual image or a series of images saved individually or sequenced into video format. Rendering research and development has been largely #motivated by finding ways to simulate these efficiently. Some relate directly to particular algorithms and #techniques, while others are produced together: shading, texture mapping, shadows, reflections, #transparency, photorealistic rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, etc http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/rendering
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality ================================================ #Virtual_reality is a form of technology which creates computer generated worlds or immersive environments which people can explore and in many cases, interact with. It refers to a high-end user interface that involves real-time simulation and interactions through multiple sensorial channels. #Augmented_reality is a similar form of #technology in which the lines are blurred between the real world and computer generated imagery, e.g. video. Sound, video or images are overlaid onto a real world environment in order to enhance the user experience. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/virtual-augmented-and-mixed-reality
  • Visualization ================================= #visualization is a related subcategory of visualization dealing with statistical graphics and geographic or spatial data (as in thematic cartography) that is abstracted in schematic form. #Educational visualization is using a simulation not usually normally created on a computer to create an image of something so it can be taught about. Information visualization concentrates on the use of computer-supported tools to explore large amount of abstract data. The use of visual representations to transfer knowledge between at least two person aims to improve the transfer of knowledge by using computer and non-computer-based visualization methods complementarily is called knowledge Visualization. Product visualization involves visualization software technology for the viewing and manipulation of #3D models, technical drawing and other related documentation of manufactured components and large assemblies of products. #Visual_communication is the communication of ideas through the visual display of information. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/visualization
  • 3D Printing ================================= #3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) is any of various processes used to synthesize a three-dimensional object. In #3D_printing, additive processes are used, in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry, and are produced from a #3D_model or other electronic data source. The technology is used in the fields of jewellery, footwear, industrial design, architecture, #engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many others. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/3d-printing
  • Human Computer Interaction ================================= #Human_Computer_Interaction (HCI) is a discipline concerned with the #design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them. HCI has expanded rapidly and steadily for three decades, attracting #professionals from many other disciplines and incorporating diverse concepts and approaches. To a considerable extent, HCI now aggregates a collection of semi-autonomous fields of #research and practice in human-centered #informatics. A user interface, such as a GUI, is how a human interacts with a computer, and #HCI goes beyond designing screens and menus that are easier to use and studies the reasoning behind building specific functionality into computers and the long-term #effects that systems will have on humans. http://computergraphics-animation.conferenceseries.com/events-list/human-computer-interaction
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  • Keynote: Playful and Artistic Smart Material Interfaces =========================================== Prof. Anton Nijholt Computer Scientist, University of Twente, Netherlands Anton Nijholt received his PhD in computer science from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He held positions at various universities, both inside and outside the Netherlands. In 1989 he was appointed full professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His main research interests are human-computer interaction with a focus on playful interfaces, entertainment #computing, and humor generation. He edited various books, most recently on playful interfaces, social collective intelligence, and brain-computer interaction. A new book on 'Playable Cities' will appear in 2016. Together with many of the more than fifty PhD students he supervised, he wrote numerous journal and conference papers on these topics.