25. November 2018 - 9:00 till 17:00
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SDD Presents A MARVEL-ous Christmas Pageant! | SW Hotel Toronto Airport | Sunday, 25. November 2018

This is just a save the date more details soon

We will have alot planned for this event as it wraps up the year and also allows us as a pageant family to celebrate the Christmas season together!

Our party will include: A visit from Santa with a present for every contestant! An ugly Christmas sweater contest opened to everyone including adults, a buy a pie and cream your directors, Christmas snacks and dancing!

We will offer 2 packages for this event a basic package with the option to add on as many or as few door titles as you like and an All In package which will get you entered into all standard door optionals and categories with the exception of anything specified not included below.

Basic Package:
Cost $180 (SIBLINGS $50 OFF)
-Outfit of Choice
-Side Awards
-Diva Supreme entry
-1 ***** entry

All In Package:
Cost $240 (SIBLINGS $50 OFF)
-Outfit of Choice
-Side Awards
-Diva Supreme
-Mega Ultimate
-Elite Supreme
-**** Supreme
-1 ***** entry

ADULTS competition $150
-Outfit of Choice
-Side Awards

New this year we will offer a party wristband for siblings/children not competing they will get to enjoy everything the contestants are including a meet and greet with Santa and a gift! The wrist band will be available on pre purchase bases only so that we can ensure Santa brings enough gifts from the North Pole. $25

OPTIONALS (all cash payouts are based on 35 contestants Mega payout is Guaranteed!)

MARVEL-ous MEGA $25 ($150 cash prize) GUARANTEED PAYOUT!!!!!

ELITE $25 ($50 cash prize)

**** $25 ($50 cash prize)


AMATEUR SUPREME $15-not included in all in

2nd OOC $20- not included in all in

BUDDIES $20 ($10 each contestant) not included in all in

*****There will be no hair ,make up or attire restrictions for this event!*****

Stage time is 1.5 minutes for each event with the exception of talent which is 3 minutes. Please note that prop set up is considered stage time.

Every contestant will recieve a custom crown, beautiful custom title award, and age appropriate name brand gifts! Plus you will make friends and have a blast anyone who has been to our pageants can vouch!

(Beauty plus 1 stage event)

Mega MARVEL-ous Ultimate- highest scoring contestant of the entire pageant!

Elite Supreme- 2nd highest scoring contestant of the entire pageant!

**** Supreme- Highest scoring facial contestant of the pageant after Mega and elite are pulled.

Ultimate Grand Supreme x3
4th highest scored pulled after **** supreme and by supreme break down.
0-6 yrs old
7 plus

Grand Supreme x4
0-4 yrs old
5-9 yrs old
10 plus
5th highest title pulled after Ultimates and by supreme break down.

Mini Supreme x4
0-4 yrs old
5-9 yrs old
10 plus
6th highest title pulled after Grands and by supreme break down.

Amateur Supreme only those entered are eligable this is for contestants who have never won more then $150 cash at 1 pageant.

Diva Supreme x2
This is directors choice and will be awarded to 2 contestants who caught the directors eye during competition!

Division Supreme x6
1 pulled per age division after all above titles have been pulled.

Beauty Supreme x6
1 pulled per age division after division supremes.

Queens/Kings x6
1 pulled per age division after beauty supremes.