10. February 2018 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Outside the Box Case Competition | University of Toronto Mississauga | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Are you someone who tends to think Outside the Box? UTM’s Student Union, Muslim Student Association, Latin American Student Association, Middle Eastern Association, Political Science and Pre-law association, World University Services of Canada, and the Somali Student Association have created the perfect event for you. The Outside the Box Case Competition is a highly anticipated event consisting of networking opportunities with private companies as well as NGO’s, workshops, sponsor showcases, food, and large cash prizes!

ShelterBox is looking for student insight on an ongoing issue they are facing as they look to expand in Canada. Participants will compete in teams of three to four, to construct the best viable solutions with the help of UTM professors and industry professionals. Participants are given one week of preparation, after which they must present their solutions on the day of the event to a panel of esteemed judges from the United Nations, UNICEF, World Health Organization ShelterBox, professors and industry professionals.

Throughout the next month we will be raising money for Shelterbox on campus! So come out to our food sales or our tabling sessions to donate!


Outside the Box is a case competition held at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus that aims to connect charitable organizations with the drive and innovative ideas of university students. The first of its kind at UTM, this competition will draw talent from all fields of study, unlike similar events that focus on the fields of commerce and management.

This year, the goal of the competition is for students to design and present a unique marketing strategy for ShelterBox to help them expand their reach in Canada and build their community of donors. Delegates will apply their technical skills learnt in university and will gain valuable real-world experience in working within budgets, finetuning presentations and pitching their ideas in a professional and convincing manner.

The skills that delegates will learn after participating in this competition can be applied in a variety of fields and careers. With this event, we hope to inspire future leaders and build in them a societal awareness that many businesses and organisations will demand now and even more so in the future.
  • An event worthy of this campus's 50th!
  • Guljar is forty years old. A widow for five years, she is bringing up her two daughters aged 15 and 12, and her son aged 9, alone. Her 15 year old daughter has a baby, just 18 months old. In Myanmar they had a home and a small farm with a few animals. Life was good for them. Until they became increasingly concerned for their own safety, and felt they should leave. In the overcramped mud bowl that is now her family’s sanctuary in Bangladesh,she and her family are among half a million Rohingya who have fled in fear across the border to Bangladesh. ShelterBox, experts in emergency shelter and international disaster relief, are working with what has been described as a ‘monumental’ influx of desperate and exhausted people.
  • What is ShelterBox? Right now, around 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster or conflict. ShelterBox works towards changing this statistic. ShelterBox is made up of people who believe that shelter is a human right. They work tirelessly to provide emergency shelter and tools for families that have been displaced from their homes. ShelterBox began as a small non-profit in the UK and has grown into an international organization with offices in seventeen countries around the world, including Canada. They hand-deliver aid to families devastated by regional disasters, giving them a safe shelter and the tools to rebuild communities. Their global network of supporters, staff and volunteers make it possible to deliver aid to some of the most remote communities in the world. They provide aid that is tailored to meet the needs of a community after a specific disaster, in the form of a box or a kit.