09. June 2018 - 12:00 till 23:00

Mississauga Polish Day 2018 | Mississauga Celebration Square | Saturday, 09. June 2018

Experience Polish-Canadian culture on Saturday, June 9! Visit the annual festival for live music, hearty food, a beer garden, kids' zone and many other attractions. This year we are celebrating 100 years of Poland's independence.

  • Truly can't wait! This will be my 1st one! Josie Kulyk and Joanna Mocko-Strojnik are you ladies gonna be there?
  • Mmmmm...Polish food 😊
  • Event can't be scheduled for Sunday 24th? Poland vs Columbia World Cup game that day
  • It’s a little to soon for that we can definitely dream of Summer time I guess enjoy the winter weather in Mississauga for now
  • Talk about planning ahead. 6 months ahead!