12. May 2018 - 10:00

Living Halal Festival | The International Centre | Saturday, 12. May 2018

Universal Inc. in coordination with The Team of Two: Present the Living Halal Festival

Date: May 12th & May 13th, 2018

We at Living Halal Festival (LHF) are a passionate bunch. WIth over 43 years of accumulated experience in business development, sales promotions, public relations, marketing and event management, we are determined to offering the best in quality and service.

Halal is a lifestyle. It is a practice designed for one's health, safety and general well-being. It serves as a navigational tool for all men and women, encompassing everything from food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, arts & music, logistics, clothing/fashions, finance, hospitality, travel, tourism and banking.

LHF is assigned with the goal of promoting this lifestyle to the 2.79 million people in Toronto, and the 5.5 million within the GTA.

We have arranged entertainment for all ages, and provided the audience with the opportunity to browse amongst the selected vendors, as well as listen to some renowned speakers from within the community. The event is free for admission & parking.

For Sponsorship, Booth & Stalls Booking, please contact
Hamid: (416) 737-9834
Kosta: (647) 678-0467
Shehla Jafri: (647) 273-2393

or visit
on Social: Living Halal Festival

We look forward to having you onboard as our sponsor/partner and making this event successful.

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