17. January 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00

JAN 17 Mississauga WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women | WEWednesdays | Wednesday, 17. January 2018

WEWednesdays! mission is to assist women to Build Business Brands!

WEWednesdays! is an open forum for Women to Speak Out Loud.

WEWednesdays! offers a platform for all women to share Their Story!

WEWednesdays! will always promote a ‘mystery speaker guest’ and does not market by Head Liner. WE promotes Equality of Women Among Women.

All Women have a Story, one from which all other women can enjoy, grow and learn from .. don’t you agree?

WEWednesdays! is the first platform to celebrate all Women offering the format of “Open Mike Night” (or … as WE likes to say: ‘Open Michelle Night” ) enabling any and all women in our audiences to Step Up and Take the Floor when so inspired to do so …

WEWednesdays! will maintain a format of 1.5 hours of speaking at a maximum so the rest of the evening is open for celebration & networking!!!

WEWednesdays! will always include a drink and hors d’oeurves in her ticket.

WEWednesdays! accepts all applications to participate in our Surprise Speaker series, and also receives applications HERE.

WEWednesdays! welcomes all to attend our events, including the male version.

WEWednesdays! is elated to be here to assist YOU to Build Your Brand!

WEWednesdays! hosts our events by City, with each one hosting a minimum of once a month!

WEWednesdays! takes the “I” out of the workplace, creating the “WE” through promoting collaboration among all women!


Whether you are a Woman Leading author, solo businesswoman, coach, comedienne, creator, dancer, designer, doctor, entrepreneur, facilitator, feng shui guru, holistic specialist, intuitive, karate master, mother, nutritionist, philanthropist, research analyst, therapist ... BE a Showcase!

EMAIL Showcase APP to: wewednesdays@hotmail.com
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