29. May 2025 - 11:00 till 21:00
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Heartland Warhammer 40,000 Group | Games Workshop Heartland Town Centre | Thursday, 29. May 2025

This is our Warhammer 40,000 group, where people can find opponents, post pictures of their models, or just talk about all the stuff they love about the game.

The rules are pretty simple: keep the language clean and respectful, be positive, no selling or trading, and pictures and discussion must be about Games Workshop. Easy peasy!
  • Hi all. Just got into 40k with 8th edition, looking for another newer player for some casual practice. I can play up to 1000 points, and I'm familiar with most of the rules. Able to play on weekends or weekday nights!
  • Hey i will be in the store tomorrow around 3pm if anyone would like to play a game of 40k.
  • Hello everyone, I am thinking of hosting a warhammer 40k tournament to celebrate the new edition. If there is enough interest I will be making a map as well as a story line. I will be at the store this Saturday and the following Tuesday and will be bringing a rough draft of the rules to see if I can drum up interest and get any suggestions. If you are interested please comment what army you would play.
  • Anyone looking to play a game of 40K this week?
  • Came by the store today to pick up some bits. Got to chatting with Jordan about my current projects: Updating these Astra Militarum Fast Attack choices: -very old-school Sentinels that will get heavy flamers -rough riders that need a new paint job and plasma guns
  • Looking for a game thurs sept 6th if anyone is interested. 40k and any amount of power is acceptable.
  • Randy will be here at 11am on Thurs Sept 7 and needs an opponent! Let us know!
  • Brad is coming by tonight at 5:30 and is looking for an opponent!
  • If anyone wants to play tomorrow afternoon i should be in around 3pm. 40k 100 power?
  • Matthew is here with 2000+ points of Tau and is looking for a game! Bring in your army and rock and roll. Give us call or message and let us know if you're coming.
  • I am prob gonna drop in on thursday with upto 2k of 40k if anyone is down for a game
  • Anyone interested in playing Early on Monday? Around 1pm?
  • Well had no luck today. If anyone is interested in a Konor match Friday, I will be in around 1 till 4 (edited time due to unforseen errand)
  • Randy's here until 1pm looking for a game for Fate of Konor!
  • Looking for an opponent for fate of konor for thurs. Aug. 9th. I will be in gw all day starting around 3.
  • Finished up these Reivers last night from the First Strike starter set. Quite glad I went with Imperial Fists; I really like the yellow. Here's my "Elites" contribution for the Imperium for the week 2 of the Konor campaign.
  • Looking to try out my Adeptus Custodes Monday the 31st. Anyone interested in a 50 Power Level Fate of Konor game? Available early Afternoon or after 7.
  • Finished a squad of Intercessors from the First Strike Starter Kit! Ready for Astaramis! This counts as a Getting Started, right? Could use some more detail, but I think they're tabletop-worthy at least.
  • Opened my Warhammer 40k First Strike box! I'm impressed! So much in this little box! The "tutorial missions" are really smartly written too! Onwards to 8th edition! First.. Gonna make those blue guys Imperial Fists yellow!
  • Hey guys, Colin's here today for 40k, he's wondering if anyone wants to get a game in, he'll be here for awhile so let us know if you're interested!
  • Hi all, I'm new to the store/group and looking to come out Friday afternoon for some games. Wondering if there'll be anyone around who's like to play.
  • Chris is here again today to play some new 40k! Let us know if you're coming in!
  • Chris is going to be in the shop after 3pm to play some 40k! He's looking to learn how his Emperor's Children work in the new rules. He'll have 100 Power / 2000pts ready to rock. Who's coming in?
  • Welcome to the Heartland Warhammer 40,000 Event, where you can schedule games in advance and meet new players! If you haven't done so already, make sure to select "Notifications" from the Event menu, and click "All notifications." That way, whenever someone posts looking for a game, you'll be in the know!
  • Looking for a 40k game for next sunday April 30th 2017 for heartland number. 1500-2000 pts. Marine army :) txt 416-877-1284