27. May 2025 - 11:00 till 21:00
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Heartland Age of Sigmar Group | Games Workshop Heartland Town Centre | Tuesday, 27. May 2025

This is our Warhammer, Age of Sigmar group, where people can find opponents, post pictures of their models, or just talk about all the stuff they love about the game.

The rules are pretty simple: keep the language clean and respectful, be positive, no selling or trading, and pictures and discussion must be about Games Workshop. Easy peasy!
  • Ok done. It's the best I could do and I'm very proud of Gotrek
  • I forgot this one
  • Don't be too critical but it's my start on converting my own Gotrek and Felix
  • Anybody coming in tomorrow for AoS?
  • Hey Guys, Im looking for an AOS game for this Tuesday or Thursday anyone interested?
  • Hey guys. I'm looking to play some AoS Sunday. Anyone gonna be in?
  • Manny's on his way in for some Age of Sigmar! Any takers? Let us know!
  • Gonna be at the shop tomorrow around 2:30 if anyone wants a game
  • Making some progress on my Candleberg Village based Stormcasts.
  • We're making progress on the store Death Warband for Rise of Gulgaz! What are you guys working on? Remember, while Rise of Gulgaz is running, you can challenge staff members to Path to Glory games at select times. Want to see if you can roll better than Alex? Want to find out exactly why Grant paints so well, yet wins so rarely? Take a shot at Arkhan's Death Coalition!
  • I'll be in tomorrow after 1 if anyone is interested in a game
  • Anyone up for a 1k-2k game anytime this week (including during the day)?
  • Looking for an opponent Friday night.
  • Alex is looking for a game! Let us know if you're coming by!
  • Archaon's warcry calls forth the mightiest Chaos hero's and their Legions, Kalroz Heart-eater, Slaughter Priest of the Brass Skulls Legion, is one such hero.
  • Archaon rides to battle..
  • Any chance of a Path to Glory league hosted by the store?
  • Chris is in the shop looking to play some AoS! Let us know if you're coming in!
  • Anyone interested in a skirmish match tomorrow after work?
  • hey anyone interested in a skirmish game tuesday at around 6.20 pm?
  • Looking for a Skirmish opponent for Friday after work.
  • In the shop for the rest of the day today, looking to get in a Skirmish game or two!
  • Hey I am interested in setting up a game of 1000 points of regular age of sigmar I am hoping to be in on tuesday or Wednesday anytime around 6.00pm anyone interested?
  • *turns on vox-squeeker* "....s thing on? Test, test."
  • hey I'm looking to play a game of normal Age of Sigmar for tomorrow at around 6.00pm anyone interested?