10. May 2018 - 18:30 till 23:00

The 24th Annual Mississauga Arts Awards (MARTYs) | Mississauga Convention Centre | Thursday, 10. May 2018

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The Mississauga Arts Awards are back for their 24th year! This year's awards show will be bigger and better, so get ready for an arts celebration like no other in the city.

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The MARTYS is a distinguished and elegant red carpet event recognizing excellence in the arts in Mississauga. It’s been said that civilizations are measured by what they Celebrate and in Mississauga, celebrating outstanding works of creativity across all arts disciplines has been MAC’s honour for the last 24 years.

Who gets an award? Nominees are chosen based on criteria demonstrating excellence in their work. The Mississauga Arts Council also recognizes the contributions made to our thriving arts community as part of its mandate to build a great city through cultivating the arts.

Who attends the event? Artists, including nominees and their family members and friends are present, as well as prominent Mississauga politicians, celebrities and business leaders. We also see arts patrons, volunteers, and so many engaged art lovers in the community. The cocktail area is lively and our emerging artists love to meet the movers and shakers in the city.

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