24. January 2018 - 19:30 till 22:00
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Black Books Trivia | Melbourne, Australia | Wednesday, 24. January 2018

JAWS Events 2k18 presents:
You asked for it, so we're bringing it.
It's 'Black Books' Trivia!

One night. Two Venues:
Foresters in Collingwood and
Palace Hotel Camberwell

The team that knows the most will win a $50 bar tab, but don't stress because there's also plenty of giveaways and we even have cocktails themed around the show to get your lips around!

Feel free to throw in some suggestions for a Black Books cocktail and we just might make it happen.

Can't express how much booking is important. We've got capacity for 200 people, and this will be big.

Trivia starts at 7:30pm every Wednesday. Secure your table by liking the JAWS Events page, and then making a booking by choosing your venue below:

Gold coin entry
  • My second favourite scene...
  • Kazoom - has anyone watched Black Books more than you?
  • Hana Schlesinger - um hello, is this not totally your domain!
  • Hey can I book a table for 4 please?
  • Kirsten Wheeler saw you were interested in this! We currently have no tv and no internet but do have a box set of black books so could easily become masters of black books trivia!! Hahaha!!! Probably not baby friendly though so probably can't make it!!! If you do want to go and want to do some "studying". Feel free to come over and watch with us!!!
  • Georgina SteeleCharlotte Steele ...
  • Laura Morris Grace Morris
  • Jacob Rachael Luke Thomas?!?!
  • Drink ideas: *The Rowena. Or... * Buldge. “Bludge. It's quite good, actually. You don't even have to drink it. You just rub it on your hips and it eats right through to your liver.”
  • Hey could I reserve a table for 4?
  • Naomi Aaron Adam Amiee Deans Tara ..shall we crush this one? 🤓