06. May 2018 - 12:00 till 20:00
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World's Greatest Pub Fest 2018 | Maryborough, Queensland | Sunday, 06. May 2018


Final times, Hotels, Charity, Theme and Colour to be announced.
  • What is it this year?
  • Matt Tyson Matthew Sam Milad Ben
  • Matt Tyson Matthew Sam Milad Ben
  • Brenton Kylie Chadwick Peta Chapman Leslie Idontlikeu are we keen to go? Theme is circus or colour is blue!
  • Is there a theme and colour?
  • This will be on my Birthday, coming from Brissy to do it, so excited!! 🤡🎉
  • Is there a theme yet.
  • Theme, colour and charity being announced this week!! Stay tuned to the Pub Fest page :)
  • Theme and colour?
  • Definately need to check out this year Dani 😁
  • What's the theme?
  • Is the Pub Fest going ahead this year as i hear theres only about 6 hotels taking part?
  • Sounds good Dani Kostic Nuttall
  • Not long until the crawl. Please update us all with the theme and colour!
  • Why don't You make it a Nude Pub Fest 😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣
  • Is there a theme yet?
  • Theme and colour for this year?
  • What's the theme
  • Is there a theme for this year yet??
  • Does anyone know what the theme is for 2018
  • Julie Ashelford this looks cool 😊i am keen
  • When will the theme and colour be released. Be good to have a bit of time to get organised.
  • When is the theme and colour being announced?
  • Waiting waiting. Anyone know when the theme is going to be announced?!!
  • Eagerly waiting on the announcement of the colour and theme for 2018!!!!!