26. July 2020 - 10:00 till 13:00
EYWA Marbella, Marbella
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Shamanic Breathwork | Sunday, 26. July 2020

Hello friends,

Welcome to a journey beyond the limitations of your mind.

Connect with your inner Shaman and experience other states of consciousness, travel through realms and realities.

We have a limited number of spaces due to current restrictions, confirm your booking please.

After an introduction about the practice of Breathwork, and Shamanism, we begin a short and gentle Yoga flow practice to open the energy channels for a better flow through the body. This is to get everyone grounded, prepared and open, both physically and mentally, for the journey.

The main part of the work consists of resting into a calm state, breathing without pause, guided by a musical soundscape into an altered state of consciousness, beyond the limits of self, on a spiritual adventure with our inner Shaman.

As always, we will do connecting and integration work upon returning, and close with a grateful healing ceremony.

This work is intended for healing, personal growth, energetic transformation and increased awareness.

Cost: €20/person.

This work is appropriate for people aged 16 years and up.

If you can breathe, you can do this.


As you will spend about an hour lying down, please bring whatever you need to get really comfortable.

Something to cover your eyes is recommended.

Perhaps a blanket or a small pillow, or cozy socks.

Dress very comfortable and make sure you dont wear anything that restricts your breathing (ie tight sportsbras).

If you have something going on that needs particular attention, please let me know before we start the session.

I look forward to seeing you at Eywa on Sunday the 26th of July.

Please arrive 5-10 min before so we can start on time.

Any questions? Send me a message.


Onward Ever,

Tiger Medicine