27. August 2020 - 13:00
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Magic of Hummingbird and Bat Photography (Aug 27-30, 2020) - Madera Canyon, AZ | Santa Rita Lodge | Thursday, 27. August 2020

All are welcome to join!
4-Day inclusive workshop:  An incredible photography experience
We will teach you how to use multiple flashes to photograph hummingbirds with incredible color and detail.  We provide each photographer with their own dedicated flash setups, abundant instruction, and plenty of time to photograph the birds.  Bring your camera, tripod and a lens--and start taking amazing pictures!  We'll show you how!  
You will be a part of a small group of participants and two female instructors as you sit amidst myriad hummingbirds that are concentrated in this renown area as they travel northward through Madera Canyon, an internationally known flyway for migrating hummingbirds.  

Per-person rate:  $1950/person (shared lodging - 2 per room)$2595/person (single lodging - 1 per room)
($850 deposit)
What's included:

4 days / 3-nights lodging 
Flash-related photography setups and instruction for hummingbird photographys, including backdrops, flowers, flashes and related gear for your complete setup!  Just add your camera, a mid-range zoom lens, a tripod and a remote trigger!  We will help you with the rest! 
Hummingbird photography instruction, Night photography instruction
Post-processing tips are provided via a series of videos custom created for this workshop that will allow you to process at your leisure.
LOADS of fun, supportive instruction, laughs and great experiences!

What's not included:

Transportation to/from the Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon, ArizonaClosest airports are:Tucson, AZ (about 45 mins from the lodge)Phoenix, AZ (about 2.75 hours from the lodge)
Your basic camera gear (see checklist in your registration packet, upon registration, for details.)
Transportation to/from the Optional Extension or night photography (participants may work together to carpool or drive separately) 
Meals.  Due to Arizona law, we cannot provide meals; however, your cabin is equipped with a kitchenette:  Includes a  stove, oven, microwave, sink, coffee maker and toaster, plus assorted utensils, soap, dishes, etc.  You are welcome to pick up grocery items for your snacks/meals in Green Valley on the way up the hill to the lodge (about 30 minutes from the lodge entrance).  Some participants also choose to enjoy dinner in nearby Green Valley. 

$850 deposit holds your seat. 
Join Lisa Langell (http://www.langellphotography.com) and Kim Gray (Phoenix, AZ) in beautiful Madera Canyon, located in southern Arizona, for the  Magic of Hummingbirds and Bat Photography Workshop!     

This workshop is based right at the rim of the canyon where we may see and photograph:

Broad-Billed Hummingbirds
Black-Chinned Hummingbirds
Magnificant Hummingbirds
Broad-Tailed Hummingbirds
Rufous Hummingbirds
Lesser long-nosed bats (at night)

These birds often visit our specially placed feeders and the trees nearby. There is also an abundance of other species in the area, offering you plenty of photographic opportunities for birds.   Additionally, wildlife frequents the canyon--including mule deer, reptiles, butterflies, coatimundi, javelina, and even the elusive ringtail--which could all add to your photographic diversity during this workshop.  
Over the 4-day workshop, you will be taught the various techniques, settings, and gear needed to successfully photograph hummingbirds using a multi-flash setup.  To effectively photograph the gorget and irridescent feathers of a hummingbird, it requires skill, artful location of flashes, precise settings, and specialized gear.  Again, we'll provide all of the flash setups you'll need, along with abundant instruction and support so that you may create oustanding images of a variety of hummingbird species.
You will be able to photograph the birds right from the luxury of the yards and patios of our specially reserved cabins.  We have activities and an abundance of various setups available in strategic locations to ensure everyone has plenty of instruction and shooting time throughout each day.  
Here is a sample of what other participants have photographed during our workshops:

LEARN THE "WHITE BACKGROUND" CONTEMPORARY LOOK FROM THE ORIGINAL CREATOR, LISA LANGELL:  Lisa Langell is known for her original creations of photographing hummingbirds in front of white backgrounds to create contemporary images like the ones you see below!  These are not "cut out images" and you will learn how to create images like these and more during the workshop!  

And then? The bats! 
When the sun sets, you're welcome to relax in the cabins, but if you're interested, join your leaders for an evening of photographing beautiful Lesser Long Nosed Bats!  We have specialized equipment that will make photographing these wonderful nectar bats possible!  We'll show you how it's done!  No need to go anywhere else -- we can do this right from the comfort of the lodge near our cabins!

(Above:  Three Lesser Long-Nosed Bats (nectar feeding) at the Santa Rita Lodge. 

I'm a beginner -- is this too advanced for me?  No!  We welcome new learners of photography! If you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a hot shoe (the mount on the top of your camera for a detachable flash), a lens that zooms to about 200mm (more is fine), a remote trigger (about $20), and a tripod, we can help you with the rest!  We provide the flashes and setups for you and the instruction you need.  
Is there a lot of walking or climbing?  No.  This is a low-impact workshop.  We will be shooting right from the luxury of the lodge, situation right on the canyon.  You may optionally take hikes nearby through the lovely forests adjacent to the cabin.  Please inquire with lisa@langellphotography.com if you have questions about your physical needs relevant to this workshop.   
May I have a private room? Yes.  A single supplement option for registration is available. 
What's the altitude of the cabins?  Approximately 5500' altitude.
What's the weather?  Temps during the day at Madera Canyon in late August and early September are usually in the 80's during the day and at night dip to the 50's.  Rain and clouds are sometimes likely in the late afternoon.  This potentially poses additional amazing photo opportunities about a mile from the cabin where Arizona's iconic monsoon clouds create spectacular landscape scenes on the horizon. 
May I bring a friend who does not want to participate in the workshop?  Yes, if you choose the single supplement option.  We will try to honor room choices (two beds) if possible.  First come/first serve.
What camera do I need?  We require either a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a hot shoe.  Because of their limitations in manual mode, we cannot accommodate bridge or point-and-shoot / compact cameras at this time.
What lenses do I need:  For the hummingbirds and bats, a lens that is approximately 200mm will work well.  More maginfication is fine as well.  We recommend any lens that is similar to a 70-200mm, 100-400mm, or 75-300mm, or a prime that is at least 200mm.  For other birds and/or wildlife in the area, you may want to also bring a lens with higher zoom/magnification ranges.  For monsoon photography, we recommend a wide angle lens.
What's the culture of this workshop?  We provide abundant upbeat, supportive, and caring instruction.  Kim and Lisa care dearly for participants and want you to have a fun, helpful, and successful experience.  
Have more questions?  Contact Lisa Langell at lisa@langellphotography.com or 602-345-0883