31. March 2018 - 21:00

Katie and Connor's Buck and Doe | Lucknow Community Centre | Saturday, 31. March 2018

Katie and Connor are tying the knot! Get out to Lucknow to celebrate!!!

Tickets will be available soon from the wedding party and parents of the Bride and Groom! Tickets $10 and also available at the door!

Dancing, late lunch, and games for everyone to enjoy!!

Wedding Party:

Melissa Veldman
Mckala Middegaal
Emily Van Osch
Elizabeth Cooper
Stephanie Irvine
Raizel Sugarman

Tyson Van Osch
Tom Knap
Chad Gorel
JJ Sparling
Brad Van Osch
Matt Van Osch

Jim & Tammy Sparling

Perry & Wendy Van Osch
  • Tickets are in friends! Hit up any member of the wedding party, bride and grooms parents or our selves!!
  • Will be there
  • We will be running buses from Seaforth! 😀
  • Very happy for the two of you :) !!