24. October 2019 - 17:00 till 19:30
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XLerateHealth Louisville Demo Day 2019 | Play Louisville | Thursday, 24. October 2019

Join us for XLerateHealth's Demo Day on Thursday, October 24th at Play Louisville, 1101 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40206.  Play is located near the intersection of East Washington and Buchanan Street.  Free parking is available in the lot across from Play's front entrance and in the lot on the side of Play off of Buchanan. Street parking is also available.   Doors open at 5:00PM and presentations start promptly at 5:30PM.  We will have light hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar and the opportunity to meet the founders at their exhibition booths before the presentations as well as afterwards.   This is a free event, but registration is required.  Seating is limited so please secure your seat by registering now! The following XLerateHealth companies will be presenting:
Assay Me (New York, NY) has developed an in-home test kit for monitoring wellness (including women's health) and chronic health conditions. Using advanced computer vision algorithms, this solution combines a simple urine test strip with an app that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical-grade scanner. The app automatically scans the urine test strip and analyzes multiple indicators.  The result to the patient includes a meaningful interpretation of their urine test results indicating whether or not they might want to call their primary care physician for follow-up.
Briocare (Frisco, TX) has developed an AI-driven Senior Care platform that uses voice technology to eliminate caregiver anxiety while improving the quality of life for seniors.  The platform gives caregivers full control and access to schedule care events, receive daily reports on the senior’s activities and wellbeing alongside personalized health tips and content, and increases social interactions for the senior.  Briocare was selected by AARP Innovation Labs as one of the top four companies reducing social isolation and loneliness in seniors
Cellgorithmics (Chicago, IL) is developing a proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 based, genetic programming platform technology that converts cells into biological computers using DNA based instructions that read like lines of code. Cellgorithm™ is a genetic platform that can program populations of cells without the need for consistent external intervention. Direct insertion of a Cellgorithm™ into the cells of interest can record and control their biology to improve the yields and effectiveness of specialized cells. Cellgorithmic’s platform allows biotechnology companies (in biotherapeutics, cell-based therapies, and lab-grown foods) to understand and alleviate the molecular inefficiencies and flaws in their cell manufacturing processes through programming novel biology into every cell.
Clinitraq (Irvine, CA) helps capture and analyze radiation data for healthcare workers through The Smart Radiation DosimeterTMdevice that uses real-time location-based radiation dosimetry IoT technology. Its groundbreaking technology reduces the time for measuring cumulative doses from 60 days to 60 seconds, and includes cloud storage, over-the-air firmware updates, machine learning, and blockchain integration. 
DSC Technologies (Louisville, KY) is developing a point-of-care blood plasma assay to distinguish between Type I and Type II heart attacks. Troponin biomarker assays are the current standard diagnostic, however several thousand patients are misdiagnosed each year with potentially dangerous ramifications. By providing a diagnostic aid to augment a standard troponin test, the technology will provide a rapid identification of heart attack type so that proper medication and care can be provided as soon as possible.
Hardin Scientific (Los Angeles, CA) designs and manufactures smart, modular laboratory equipment to aid research and diagnostic companies in the discovery of life-saving treatments and pharmaceuticals. Hardin utilizes a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) business model that provides an easy entry point for customers to adopt its products in 2-14 days (vs. the industry standard of 3-9 months). 
Kare Mobile (Louisville, KY) is an innovative mobile platform for concierge style dental treatment. focused on increasing access to oral healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status.  Kare provides comprehensive dental care on its mobile dental unit.  The Kare Mobile app connects patients to a dentist based on location, availability, insurance and procedure.  Kare's patented radiation resistant personal protective apron is light weight and cooler than the traditional lead apron and has applications in other mobile units outside of dentistry (e.g.: mobile screening vans, ambulances, etc.) as well as traditional provider locations where clinicians are exposed to radiation.
NohoMed (New York, NY) has developed an intelligent monitoring system that detects COPD exacerbations early. Using its exacerbation detection algorithm, NohoMed solves two problems related to the high cost of COPD – patient noncompliance with COPD monitoring protocols and current COPD alert systems that result in too many false positive alerts or alerts that are too late for meaningful intervention.
Prodigy Biosciences (Louisville, KY) has developed a personalized, innovative approach to food testing and allergy management. Prodigy’s immunoassay can specifically detect traces of allergens such as peanuts (a top food allergen) that can be used for a rapid lab analysis. This assay could be further developed into a table-side food testing device for use by people who suffer from peanut allergies, which can result in anaphylaxis. 
We look forward to seeing you!  Bob Saunders, XLerateHealth ChairmanJackie Willmot, XLerateHealth CEOEugene Krentsel, XLerateHealth CSO