18. February 2018 - 10:00 till 17:00
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VALE TUDO SEMINAR: The continuation | Fightzone London | Sunday, 18. February 2018

After last November’s very successful seminar, we’re back with more.


Vale Tudo fighter and World Brazilian Ju Jitsu champion, Leo Negao;

Stewart McGill, Senior Instructor with The British Combat Association and Chief Instructor of the Urban Krav Maga Association.

We will cover ground fighting techniques for the street, the stuff that you don’t get taught in grappling class as they’re too dangerous and/or illegal, plus a variety of real-fighting stand-up techniques that are most definitely banned in competition.

Then we will look at takedown techniques and defences and pull everything together.

We’ll also cover some applications of the techniques and principles learned in fighting knife attacks and threats.



PRICE: £50