14. October 2017 - 7:30
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Raw & Dehydrated Pet Food Free Monthly Delivery 401 | Raw Pet Food Ontario -Shelly Hall | Saturday, 14. October 2017

We supply only the Best Raw Ground Food & Dehydrated Treats for Your Dogs and Cats.

Raw For Pets Products
are made in an Inspected & Audited facility in Aylmer Ontario,
using only 100% Natural Canadian Ingredients.

All meat is Human Grade real food from Federally Inspected Plants.

Cage-Free Raised chickens ducks and turkeys, Grass Fed animals
Wild Trout & Wild Salmon.

Menu formulated by a holistic vet.

No fillers, additives or preservatives & No Hormones or Antibiotics.

Check out our Full Product Line Here:

Order must be in by Friday the week prior as all food is made fresh.

Free Drop Off Locations:

Woodstock Exit 59 Norwich Ave Tim's/Wendy's
Cambridge Townline Exit Car Pool
Milton Trafalgar Exit Tim's
Mississauga Rd Exit Car Pool
Etobicoke Wincott Dr Pet Value Parking Lot
600 Zenway
Nobleton (Hwy 27)
Yorkdale area Glen Belle and Dufferin Esso
Victoria Park Exit Church Lot
Jack Astors 404 and hwy 7 exit
Possibly Pickering/Ajax
Lakeridge Petro Canada
Possibly Port Hope
  • All packed and ready to ride. Looks like the weather is on our side!!😜 See you tomorrow!!❤️
  • Just a heads up: Weather on Sunday is looking much better than Saturday. We are monitoring the situation and will decide by Wednesday which day we will bring everyone their food. I do have the meet up times all done and will message those to you today. Thank you!!
  • A few photos of our products.
  • This was my living room and truck last night!! See you all soon!!
  • Hello. Everyone should know their meet up times now. If for some reason you missed my message PM me and I will give you the info. See you all Saturday. Raoul and Elijah will be in the Blue Honda Element and I will be in the Blue Ford F150 with topper. Looking forward to seeing you!! :)
  • maybe dumb question, but how do i tell if this is a run (or any date) that takes u to Port Hope. I'd like to be kept in that loop....just in case
  • Heads up to all my fabulous clients and interested folks. This is the order cut off week. Yup, snuck up on me too. I need your order by this Thursday Nov 30th please and thank you. Delivery day is Dec 9th. There is still time if you would like a Chewy or Munchie Christmas Basket for your dogs or a Treat Basket for your cats.
  • All packed and ready to go for tomorrow’s delivery.
  • I’ve sent out messages to everyone today with your meet up time. See you Saturday!
  • Hello. Just giving you a quick reminder that your orders need to be in to me by this Thursday or Friday (Nov 3rd) at the latest for the Nov 11th 401/427 delivery - London to Port Hope. I look forward to seeing you in a little less than 2 weeks. Thank you.
  • I have 5 - 1 Kilo bags of Pork Chips that are reduced if anyone is interested. They are a product we make for Pet Smart. All natural dehydrated Pork Hide. They were not correct size so didn't make it to retail. $40 / kilo plus tax. Message me if you are interested and I will add it to your order for Nov 11th.
  • FYI: This event is my London to Toronto 401 delivery for Nov 11th. I am also doing London to Hamilton/Burlington /Niagara on Nov 4th. Confusing I know but I’ll make sure you get on the correct date for your area.
  • where do u usually meet....the Tim's/Harvey's parking lot ? as soon as you have a better idea of the time...let me know, thanks
  • Would you be stopping by Whitby on any of those days?
  • Please send your order in by Friday Oct 6th to get in the Oct 14th delivery date. Thank you kindly. :)
  • Let me know if u drive to Port Hope on Oct 14, Shelly Hall