12. February 2018 - 8:00 till 20:00
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Rachel Park for Board of Governors | Western University | Monday, 12. February 2018




To My Western Friends,

My name is Rachel Park and I am absolutely thrilled to be announcing my candidacy for Western's Board of Governors.

What is the Board of Governors?
Western's Board of Governors is our school's highest governing body. They are responsible for setting the university's strategic direction, long term goals, and executive portfolios. On the Board are three student positions, one of them being reserved for an elected undergraduate student to represent the undergraduate student body.

Why Me?
1. Four Years And Counting.
Where most students only have four years at this school, I have been privileged enough to be given six. My Western experience has spanned across three different faculties, two different residences, and a number of various student groups ranging from camping trips with the Outdoors Club to student government at Western Law. Over the past four years, Western has given, given, given - and now it's time that I do my best to give back. I want to dedicate my next two years to the school, community, and people who have made the greatest positive impact on me. I want to ensure that Western is setting the long term goals that will ensure the success of its students, campus, and future.

2. Good Governance.
Coming from an academic background in business and law, I believe I have the skills and knowledge to hold myself and the Board to the highest level of strategic and ethical governance. Governance is a balancing act... relationships and finances, immediacy and sustainability, words and actions, images and values, administration and students. I want to bring forth the perspectives of our student body to the balancing act controlled by Western's highest level of governance.

3. Never Satisfied. Always Improving.
The following list include functions of the university whose success relies on the support of higher level governance. These are pressing issues that I shift administration's attention to. These are areas where I believe Western should not be content with satisfactory performance, but should strive for excellence among Canadian universities.
- Improve funding for proactive mental health support.
- Achieve equal representation of women in administrative as well as student leadership.
- Greater preparation for students interested in post-grad continuing studies.
- Enhance student accessibility to government grants, summer co-op opportunities, new grad job markets, and professional mentorship.
- Increase building and land investments on updating out-of-date buildings, facilities, and classroom resources rather than solely constructing new buildings.
- Question the ethics of Western's financial investment portfolio.

I am not running to push forward my own views of what is best for Western. I am running because I want to be the voice who pushes forward what YOU view as best for Western. Have something to contribute? Let's chat.

Please join me on February 12 at 8am - 13 at 8pm and commit to a creating a better Western for students today and in the future. Vote Rachel Park!

ALL current Western students may vote.

Rachel Park