01. April 2018 - 20:00
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Prince Harry's Stag Do | Buckingham Palace | Sunday, 01. April 2018

Harry has decided to tie-the-knot, and because we think that he is a top bloke, we might see if we can get an invite to his stag do, or even better, be his Best Man (If 'Wil' is working on the day of the stag do, flying for HEMs).

If we are picked to be his best man, then we have decided on the following itinerary (subject to change and confirmation):

Muster at 12:00 outside Buckingham Palace. Dress code will be Toga themed. We might grab a **** to eat from a local PFC Chicken 'eatery' before downing some shots.

At 14:00 we will endeavour to have a session of Paintball in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, but this might not be guaranteed (depending on whether or not the Corgi's are going to be using the Grounds). Rig will be Desert Camo.

At 18:00 we will have a Curry. We are also hoping to have a bit of Karaoke. We are going to ask Prince Charles if he would be willing to start the sing-off by covering a Cheryl Cole or Little Mix number.

At 21:00 we will meet at Spearmint Rhino's in order to "re-Group". Its a bit pricey here, so we are expecting that at 22:00 we will head off to the Ministry of Sound for a few hours of hard-core Drum & Bass (bring trainers and white gloves)

Expect the night to end at around 04:00 at a local Doner Kebab House.
  • Fancy a night on the lash? 😂Brendan Scott Paul Adam Graham
  • I can get good ket???
  • Can't wait to be In the kitchen at 6 in the morning smashing the donk out 👌
  • Double celebration my 30th birthday and Harry’s stag 👍
  • Definitely gotta go!!
  • Yo doing lifts there hmu for cheap reliable lifts
  • I hope our Liz is paying for this?
  • So looking forward to this.
  • Anyone traveling down from Manchester?
  • Joe Brown Curtis DV Brock what we saying boys? Sounds like a good day 😂
  • Ships company plus one.......YEEHAA
  • Tart!!
  • Joe Aston should be good one, fancy it?
  • ooh Im gonna have to get a new **** hat for this :D
  • Sam Osmond Ben Osmond Dan Hennessy fancy going up Harrys nans house for a few?
  • If we all go on his stag do and we do fancy dress, it could look like this! Imagine this lot walking up The Mall towards Buckingham Palace!
  • Lol Joe Wood
  • Bit of an update for you all: we have been speaking to some of our colleagues in Harry’s Royalty Protection Detail, and we might arrange a ‘fake kidnapping’ prank. The plan, as it stands at the moment, is to get one of our Admins to dress up as Kim Jong Un and roll up in a white rusty transit van at which point H will be bundled into the back. We are going to make out that H will only be released in exchange for 5,000 cheeseburgers (without Gherkins) Will keep you all posted
  • I will be attending , but think I will organise my own taxi home , don't trust there drivers
  • I got my **** uniform sorted!!
  • Is James Hewitt going?
  • This needs to happen fancy dress thousands of us
  • Who has a stag do at their grans house?
  • Let’s get him in his kraut fancy dress again!