28. June 2019 - 9:15 till 17:30
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Presenting Made Brilliant and Storytelling for Business (2 days) | RADA Studios | Friday, 28. June 2019

When you book our Presenting Made Brilliant and Storytelling for Business courses together (consecutive or seperate dates) you get 15% off the total price (£1,300 + VAT) making the price for 2 days just £1,105 + VAT.
Please choose your first date that you would like to attend, you can choose the second date further on in the booking process.

Presenting Made Brilliant - Course Overview

Presentations at work are a reality for almost all of us but we're rarely taught how to maximise our impact with specific techniques. With our experience of training actors to perform on stage we can help you to become a more powerful and confident presenter, whoever your audience.
Presenting Made Brilliant is an intensive, practical course that takes the focus away from what you present and instead focuses on how you present.
We will teach you how to build a confident and credible presence in highly pressured environments, how to open and close presentations convincingly, and how to leave your audience with a message that resonates.
The course is taught in a highly practical way and you will spend most of your time learning by doing. The atmosphere is supportive and you will be encouraged to take risks, push yourself and challenge your assumptions about how others see you.
A maximum participant/tutor ratio of eight to one provides a high level of individual attention and feedback.

Be able to make a strong and commanding entrance
Be more aware of how to use your breath to calm nerves
Understand how to use your voice to interest, influence and inspire
Appreciate the importance of structure and a clear objective
Learn how to connect with an audience
Deliver a short presentation and receive individual feedback
Develop a confident and credible physical presence

Storytelling for Business - Course Overview

Telling stories is an essential way that we connect with each other, and a tool in building empathy and understanding amongst a group of people. Stories serve different functions and uses: to entertain, to inform or to unify.
By examining how stories work and why we are so drawn to them, Storytelling for Business explores the fundamental skills of communication and develops an understanding of how we can apply this essential human characteristic in a corporate setting.
This one-day, practical workshop gives you an understanding of how to increase the power of your communication using RADA's techniques and structures of storytelling.
A maximum participant/tutor ratio of eight to one provides a high level of individual attention and feedback.

Be a more skilled and confident communicator
Gain knowledge of the structures of effective storytelling
Have a practical understanding of how to apply storytelling in a work and social environment
Have a range of skills at your disposal which develop flexibility, authenticity, and impact
Be able to 'hook' an audience and engage them from the offset
Sustain the audience's interest with confidence
Explore the power of language and the relationships it builds

Presenting Made Brilliant dates:
28 June 2019
17 July 2019
21 August 2019
4 September 2019
25 September 2019
Storytelling for Business dates:
5 September 2019
26 September 2019