20. January 2018 - 10:00 till 19:00
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Our Mosques, Our Future conference | London, United Kingdom | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Our Mosques Our Future


A one day conference organised by the Muslim Council of Britain

The first mosque in history – the Prophetic Mosque in the city of Medina – was a space where people came together not only in ritual worship but also as families and as a community. It also played a vital role in interfaith work, charity and education.

Today there are an estimated 1,500 mosques in Britain. British Muslim communities must ask themselves:

-Are our mosques today failing to follow the Prophetic model?
-How many are truly providing services beyond just a prayer space?
-And in an increasingly challenging environment, how is the role of the mosque in 21st century Britain changing?

Join us for an action-packed day on 20th January 2018 featuring TED-style talks, keynote speeches and interactive workshops exploring the challenges and opportunities facing mosques in Britain today.

Perhaps now it is more important than ever to embody the Prophetic Mosque model.


  • Introducing the first 'Our Mosques Our Future' conference video. Get your tickets now: http://ourmosquesourfuture.org.uk/#tickets #morethanaprayerspace
  • Great effort from York Mosque! Imam Abid will be running a workshop at the Our Mosques Our Future conference discussing outreach and engaging with local communities. #morethanaprayerspace
  • Quick question, have you bought your SUPER early bird ticket yet? http://ourmosquesourfuture.org.uk/#tickets #morethanaprayerspace
  • The Prophetic mosque was a community space, a gathering space, a worshipping space, a space for women, men and the young. Explore how mosques in Britain can emulate this model: http://ourmosquesourfuture.org.uk/#tickets #morethanaprayerspace
  • Have you bought your super early bird ticket? Just 3 days to go until the offer expires! Get yours now: http://ourmosquesourfuture.org.uk/#tickets #morethanaprayerspace
  • Tanya Muneera Williams and Kyle Gray will be joining us at the conference to discuss 'The Experiences of Black Muslims in mosques' and the issues of anti-blackness across Muslim communities. #morethanaprayerspace
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  • Mohammed Kozbar is the chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque and will be running a workshop on 'Dealing with verbal abuse or attacks on your worshippers' Following the attack in Finsbury Park during Ramadan, Mohammed will be providing mosques with tips to safeguard congregations and mosque buildings using his own experience at Finsbury Park Mosque #morethanaprayerspace
  • 9 days to go until the super early bird deadline! Save 50% when you buy your ticket before 15th November! #morethanaprayerspace
  • Our next speaker is Imam Abid Salik from York Mosque! Imam Abid will be running a workshop on outreach following an incredibly successful #VisitMyMosque day earlier this year! Imam Abid will be discussing the need for mosques to reach out to local schools, youth groups and more to become #morethanaprayerspace
  • Get your super early bird tickets for only £14.99! https://ourmosques.mcb.org.uk #morethanaprayerspace
  • Mariam Hassam will be joining us at the Our Mosques, Our Future conference! Mariam is the headteacher of the amazing Hyderi Islamic Centre madrassah and will be talking about safeguarding children and young adults! #morethanaprayerspace
  • Our third speaker is Malia Bouattia! Malia will be discussing the need for mosques to cater to youth audiences and provide a safe space for Muslim youth #morethanaprayerspace
  • Our second speaker is Miqdaad Versi! Miqdaad will be leading a workshop for mosques to share key tips for media interviews and monitoring media misreporting to ensure that mosques well and truly are #morethanaprayerspace
  • Our first speaker is Anita Nayyar! Anita will be looking at the need for mosques to be open to women and will discuss the barriers to access facing women. Through her TED style talk, Anita will be taking the audience on her journey through Britain's mosques. #morethanaprayerspace