09. December 2017 - 22:00
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Open Decks System Saturday December 9th | Rum Runners | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Saturday December 9th, N.E.C. presents..
System Saturday: Open Decks

Up and coming Dj friends, heres your chance to play your favorite tracks on the solid sound system at Rum Runners

+Entries so far, Listen and vote :)
+Details below entries if you still want to get in on the action


Big D

CNV Official


Mike Timberly



Dj Melo

Crash & burn


The Storming houndz


Samo the ****

The Real ST

Scott Fisher


Greg Nowicki

Nick Smith


Ryan Ahad

Deletion + Nix

Jack 2 Jack


Atheris + Buccimane


Dj Timthay

+Submit your 30-60 min mix along with DJ name and Genre to enter to win a set time for the night :)
+Submissions will be added to a poll for voting, top 4 entries will earn a spot and another 2 spots will be chosen by N.E.C. so its not strictly a popularity contest.... We enjoy tight mixing and proper music flows :)
+Enter by messaging the N.E.C. Productions page or email necpromotions@gmail.com
+Non N.E.C. residents only are eligible
+Deadline to enter is November 25th
+Any electronic genre is acceptable
+Pioneer djm 900 nexus2 and up to 4x pioneer cdj2000nxs2 provided(you can also use your own controller if you prefer)
+please upload your mix on soundcloud or mixcloud etc. so others can easily listen
+cheating will get you disqualified
+Voting will conclude 10pm December 7th

set times available:

Winners will recieve Free Entry +1 and a $50 drink tab
++May the best beats win++

For Guest list or booth/bottle reservations 519 870 3027 or necpromotions@gmail.com
  • Who do you like? 6 set times up for grabs, feel free to vote on more than one entry :)
  • Entries for open decks December 9th, Vote for you favorite in the pinned post 1. Baldwin- https://www.mixcloud.com/baldwinmusic/open-decks-minimix/ 2. Toad https://soundcloud.com/toaddubz/toad-spooky-tunes-volume-1 3. Crash & burn https://www.mixcloud.com/CrashandBurnOfficial/ 4. JD https://soundcloud.com/no0good/jack-thomas-b2b-danger-dan-live-2017 5. Slothbear https://www.mixcloud.com/shawn-beyea/open-decks-dj-mix/ 6. Samo the **** https://soundcloud.com/samothe-****/in-da-house-mix-vol-1?in=samo-the-****%2Fsets%2Fin-da-house-mix-vol-1-3 7. The Real ST https://soundcloud.com/thereal-st/refresh-with-st-vol-8 8. Scott Fisher https://soundcloud.com/scott-fisher-825120016/scott-fisher-mix-13-live?in=scott-fisher-825120016%2Fsets%2Ffisher-house-mixs 9. Greg Nowicki https://soundcloud.com/greg-nowicki/my-effort 10. LionLeaf https://soundcloud.com/lionleafmusic/frightnight 11. Nick Smith https://soundcloud.com/itisnicksmith/system-saturdays-submission-mix 12. Iconiq https://soundcloud.com/officialiconiq/into-the-deep-iconiq-mix 13. Moneaux https://soundcloud.com/moneaux/open-deck-mix 14. Ryan Ahad https://www.mixcloud.com/ryanahad/ryan-ahad-mixes-16-open-deck-night-entry-mix/ 15. Deletion + Nix https://soundcloud.com/deletiondj/open-decks-mix-deletion-x-nixx 16. Stigs https://soundcloud.com/bc-bud-dilla/nec-open-decks-mix 17. Atheris + Buccimane https://soundcloud.com/arman-ladha/atheris-and-buccimane-demolition-mix 18. Big D https://soundcloud.com/big_d_toronto/doubledose 19. CNV Official https://soundcloud.com/john-smith-40/open-deck-rum-runners-live-mix 20. Jee https://soundcloud.com/dwcjee/rum-runners-open-decks-mix-2017-please-vote 21. Dj Timthay https://m.soundcloud.com/hotstudiosx/hot-studios-for-nec 22. Mike Timberly https://soundcloud.com/m-418/been-a-long-time 23. Jack 2 Jack https://soundcloud.com/j-roc-25/jack-2-jack-vol-1 24. Dj Melo https://www.mixcloud.com/Keeping_it_Melo_/osk-mix/ 25. VLI https://soundcloud.com/ev4c/system-saturdays-open-deck-minimix 26. The Storming Houndz https://mix.dj/mix/iAsZQ