25. May 2018 - 10:00

MCM London Comic *** (May 2018) | ExCeL London | Friday, 25. May 2018

MCM London Comic *** returns for the first of two outings in 2018!
Priority tickets are expected to go on sale in December 2017.
  • Can't make it this time. Sorry.
  • Hello are there any birthday packages available. I would love this to be an early celebration for my sons 13th birthday. Thanks. Message me with details.
  • Hey can any 1 help me in looking for somewhere to get a Naruto headband full size I have seen the headbands but they are all too small
  • Currently working on my Rosalina Cosplay. So excited for May :)
  • Is it at the same Venue from October 2017?
  • I may go for the first time ever
  • I'm planning to do some photography of cosplayers while I'm at this event, any interest
  • It's gonna cost Β£400 total to come from Manchester and the any of the North West areas. It's a complete rip off. Factor the costs for all of the following: Train, accommodation, all taxi journeys (there's no uber in London anymore, so taxis are extremely expensive), MCM tickets, food and drink.
  • Hello. Could you please tell me if stall holder applications are open? Thank you :)
  • Hey guys, we're hosting a Tokyo Ghoul meetup on the Saturday of the May 2018 ***! Come say hi ;)
  • Is the actor Bruce boxleitner going to be their please? from Tracy Powell
  • First time heading to this and we can’t wait. Does anyone know when roughly to expect guest announcements? And any top tips for a noob? πŸ™‚
  • Finally I got the presale weekend tickets on time, now I have to start tinkering on my costume.
  • Got my weekend ticket for mcm london, and I can announce my lineup already! Haven't decided what days for what cosplay, but bringing Roman Torchwick, Jaune Arc, and Taiyang Xiao Long (rwby). And bringing it back out, after two years....spiderman
  • Sonic's coming back!! Just booked tickets for Saturday & Sunday πŸ‘
  • Right, ticket purchased and received. Is it too soon to get excited?
  • YAY! Got my tickets! πŸ˜ƒ
  • this is a joke...it's 5 days to Christmas....just want to buy some tickets!!!
  • Does any know if the weekend ticket that goes on sale today is also priority or do you have do purchase the priority tickets separately???? πŸ€”
  • Can anyone remember how much the priority tickets costs last year??? I wanna predict the general ticket prices this year... πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
  • My daughter is Undertale mad. I’ve never been to Comic *** so I’m wondering if there will be Undertale related things there? Any help, greatly appreciated
  • Update on my cosplay idea probably gonna go as Oka Ruto from Yandere simulator :D
  • still no luck on tickets then....
  • Can't wait for *** hoping to have my red dragon emperor boost armour ready or a variation of it from highschool dxd fingers crossed
  • when are tickets going on sale I cant find the tickets or if I'm on the right site :( :( :(