25. May 2018 - 10:00
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MCM London Comic *** (May 2018) | ExCeL London | Friday, 25. May 2018

MCM London Comic *** returns for the first of two outings in 2018!
Priority tickets are expected to go on sale in December 2017.
  • When are you releasing general tickets?
  • When are you releasing general tickets?
  • My General Hux. Maybe for the whole weekend. Today is the end of the Republic! The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder! At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance! This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet! ALL REMAINING SYSTEMS WILL BOW TO THE FIRST ORDER!!! AND WILL REMEMBER THIS AS THE LAST DAY OF THE REPUBLIC!!!
  • Delete if not allowed Im going around mcm London for the full weekend with a backpack with wig caps, vaseline, some phone chargers etc. If this works out well il be doing the same for glasgow. If you want to keep up with my location etc follow my instagram and what i have left :) :)
  • This Will be my first time attending MCM comic ***😃 and im equally parts nervous and excited!!! Still not sure What cosplays to wear But i cant wait and am Really curious to What to expect.
  • Orange Is The New Black guests! Pennsatucky and Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales are breaking free from Litchfield and heading straight to MCM London Comic ***! Jackie Cruz and Taryn Manning are joining us on Saturday & Sunday to talk life at Litchfield and how to rock those orange jumpsuits.
  • First Guest Announcement! Taking time from fighting demons with Sam & Dean, and farming for XP with The Guild gang, Felicia Day is heading to MCM London Comic *** to share her experiences of being the all-round Queen of Geek!
  • I've got a question I'm in the process of making clouds buster sword out of eva foam now the length frome the tip to the guard is 150cm which is the max length for sword props would I have to make the handle detachable or not this is it so far. Any help would be appreciated
  • Hiya guys, is anyone going that will be taking a Voltron cosplay, Gravity Falls cosplay and an IT cosplay?
  • if you wanna shoot with me at the *** please join the event page below and fill out the google form on the event page
  • Is there also a Marvel Fan Area?
  • Hows this to rap up the Friday event?
  • bit off topic but I thought this would be the best place to look as I have seen similar things at *** over the past two years. can anyone recommend a website I can get long t-shirts like these with similar prints? anime girls and that sort of ****
  • So does anyone know where you can get cheap accommodation for this event as Looking to go to this one and October many thanks
  • Anyone know when the guests get announced for this me and a few friends are due to be going to this and i wanted to know who would be there so i can see who i will be seeing getting photos with etc.
  • l would love to be a guest signer at the London convention, l was in The Force Awakens as a pirate in Maz's castle, l am now an unlockable character in the Lego video game, Oskus Stooratt, was also in the Vanity Fair selection of TFA characters, was in 3 H Potters 2,6,7, no 7l was the priest who officiated at Bill and Fleurs wedding and in pottermore credited with Dumbledors funeral and worked for the Ministry of Magic, and Played Dewy Largo the music teacher in the live action Simpsons, there are a lot more check scifisignersunited.
  • Any of the Star Wars guys and girls going this year? Iv been designing my ewok costume
  • does anyone know of any decent priced hotels near the Excel centre for comic ***, nothing to pricey.
  • Paige Garner
  • Any plans of a Nightmare Before Christmas meet up?
  • Lego wolverine will be back and bringing some friends
  • Insanely rewarding Patreon for an exciting idea.
  • When are general entry tickets going on sale?? **
  • Planning to come as Yukki from Vampire Knight. Anyone wanna meet up?